Intel Unveils New Core Processors


CES 2010 has started to become a launch pad for all the OEM and application developers to show off what they have in store for the consumers in 2010. Intel, already announced the Beta launch of its AppUp Store has today unveiled a new line up of Core series processors for consumers and corporates alike.

New Intel Core processors are manufactured on the company's 32nm process, which includes Intel's second-generation high-k metal gate transistors. This technique, along with other advances, helps increase a computer's speed while decreasing energy consumption.

Based on Intel's Nehalem microarchitecture, the new desktop, mobile and embedded processors deliver smart performance for music, gaming, videos, movies, photos, social networking and other demanding mainstream applications, according to Intel. In addition, ultra-thin notebooks with all new 2010 Intel Core processors inside provide a balance of performance, style and long battery life for sleek systems less than an inch thick,.

New Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors also feature exclusive Intel Turbo Boost Technology for adaptive performance, and thus smarter computing. Intel Turbo Boost Technology automatically accelerates performance, adjusting to the workload to give users an immediate performance boost when needed. Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, available in Intel Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 processors, enables smart multi-tasking by allowing each processing core to run multiple threads, providing amazing responsiveness and performance, balanced with energy efficiency when processing several tasks simultaneously.

Intel, now looking at the world of wireless technology, has been a major advocate for the spread of wireless connectivity, for which it partnered with various companies around the world to start developing next generation WiMAX chip-set and devices. Working on the low consumption and high bandwidth structure, Intel promises these new line-up of processors to be more efficient than its predecessors. Along the lines, Intel also enhances the multimedia experience for the users which Intel defines as:

The new Intel Core processor family is the first to integrate graphics into mainstream PC processors. With Intel HD graphics, the processors deliver visuals and smooth high-definition (HD) video playback. It is also the industry's first integrated solution to deliver multi-channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS Premium Suite home theater audio, Intel said. In addition, Intel HD Graphics support mainstream and casual 3D gaming without the need for an add-in video card, and offer full support for Windows 7, Intel noted.

Another feature available to mainstream notebook buyers includes Intel Switchable Graphics, which allows users who play graphics-intense games to automatically switch between Intel's integrated graphics to a discrete version on the fly, without having to reboot, for optimal battery life and performance.

Intel, ahead of its rival AMD is now determined to provide the consumers with bigger stronger and faster processor line up and 2010 might just prove to be a very beneficial year to Intel after all.