Intel Rocket Lake, Tiger lake And Intel DG1 Listed In Driver Files

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Source: Intel

On February 26th, there was a Windows update that added driver support for the recently released Lakefield processors. This update focused mostly on supporting Intel's Lakefield processor but in the INF files included with this update there is a list of upcoming Intel graphics, ranging from Tiger Lake to even Rocket Lake processors.

Intel DG1, Discrete Graphics, Rocket lake, and Tiger Laker listed in driver updates

The recently released Intel Lakefield processors are ultra-low-power processor series was recently released last week. The processors are called the Intel Core i5-L16G7 and the Core i3-L13G3 processors. These processors are built on the 10m Sunny Cove core to take on more intense workloads. The driver included in this update only officially supports Lakefield processors.

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Source: Intel

All of these processor types are expected to utilize the same generation of Intel Graphics, or Gen12. When looking into the INF files, there are very few IDs listed for each generation and only four Rock Lake variants. The name that was given to each variant sadly doesn't give us any information regarding the processors in each series.

The Tiger lake section of the INF file showcases a total of seven different processors, which is planned to use the Intel Graphics Gen12.

Source: Intel

The INF files feature five different groupings to showcase the various processor's families. These families include Tiger Lake, Lakefield, Elkhart Lake, Rocket Lake, and even a code for DG1, which stands for Xe Discrete Graphics 1.

One interesting fact regarding the DG1 section in the INF file is that instead of having just a single entry. In the grouping, there a total of three entries; this could mean that Intel may be planning to offer more than two variants at the time of launch.

At the time of writing, there are two rumored to be available in a 3 GB and a 6 GB variant, but this INF file may mean that there is a third version planned for the market. Sadly, Intel's Graphics card is not expected to reach the consumer market; instead, these graphics cards are rumored to be intended for the enterprise market.

Intel's newest graphics, the Gen12 graphics, are currently only present in Tiger Lake processors, and Intel has been sending out promotional kits to reviewers. The first review to receive this processor was Nathan Kirsch from Legit Reviews, and this was part of Intel's promotional strategy for its newest mobile-platform.

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