Intel Rocket Lake Core i9-11900K & Core i5-11600K CPUs Land on Silicon Lottery, Pre-Binned 8 Core With 5.1 GHz All-Core OC For $879 US


Intel's 11th Gen Rocket Lake desktop CPUs including the Core i9-11900K & the Core i5-11600K are now available in pre-binned flavors over at Silicon Lottery. The Intel 11th Gen family launched last month for the latest Z590 platform and while it was based on the old 14nm architecture, the CPUs did feature a brand new architecture which brought decent performance gains.

Intel Core i9-11900K 8 Core & Core i5-11600K 6 Core CPUs Available In Pre-Binned Flavors - Up To 5.1 GHz Clocks For $879.99 US

Unlike AMD, whose Ryzen 5000 CPU family is currently out of stock due to huge demand & limited units circulating the retail channel, Intel has a slight advantage in supply due to the use of its 14nm process node which is in its final and most mature state its ever been and producing Rocket Lake CPUs on it isn't much of a deal. Although there are still some shortages when it comes to the high-end parts which are due to scalpers and 3rd party sellers hiking up the prices of components that are more popular in demand.

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Intel Core i9-11900K Pre-Binned CPU SKUs and Statistics

So coming to the SKUs, each CPU has three pre-binned variants based on the clock speeds. For a price of $619 US, you get a pre-binned 8 core chip with guaranteed clock speeds of 4.90 GHz for all cores, and 5.0 GHz up to 4-cores. This is a $70 US premium you're paying for a pre-binned chip but Silicon Lottery themselves state that 100% of their test sample size was able to hit 4.9 GHz bin or greater so unless you're really lazy to overclocking the chip yourself and want a guaranteed OC, it looks like Silicon Lottery is the way to go for you.

This is slightly better than the 4.8 GHz boost that you'd normally get across all cores with 5.1 GHz only kicking in with Adaptive Boost technology only if the proper thermal conditions are met. The stock Core i9-11900K operates at up to 5.1 GHz (ABT) across 8 cores, and 5.3 GHz (ABT) across 2 cores.

The chip is tuned at 1.425V (Vcore) and runs stable through the tests. The PL1 and PL2 states for the pre-binned chip are maintained at 240W. For a $90 US premium, the pre-binned chip doesn't sound that bad of a deal but we'll get to more details about how you can achieve similar results with a stock retail chip too.

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Next up, we have the $699.99 US variant which for a $150 US premium gets you guaranteed 5.0 GHz clocks across all 8 cores, and 5.1 GHz across 4 cores. The voltage is maintained at 1.462V while PL1/PL2 states are set at 265W. Lastly, we have the $879.99 US SKU which for a $330 US premium gives you a guaranteed overclock of 5.1 GHz across all 8 cores, 5.2 GHz for up to 4 cores at 1.500V while power limits are maintained at 290W.

Silicon Lottery also shares its pre-binning statistics which reveal that almost 100% of the chips can achieve the results of the $619 US SKU with 4.9 GHz all-core clocks, 73% can achieve the results of the $699 US SKU with 5.0 GHz all-core clocks and only 29% of the chips can achieve the results of the top $879 US SKU with 5.1 GHz all-core clocks. This is slightly better than the Core i9-10900K 10 core which only had 24% of the chips hitting past 5.1 GHz bins. Following are the Intel 500-Series motherboards that are validated to hit the said clock speeds on Intel's Core i9-11900K CPU:


Intel Core i5-11600K Pre-Binned CPU SKUs and Statistics

Moving on to the Core i5-11600K, we get three SKUs starting with the $249.99 US variant which is actually cheaper than the listed tray price for the Core same chip. For the price, you get a 4.8 GHz guaranteed to overclock on all 6 cores and 4.9 GHz on 2-cores with a voltage of 1.450V and power limits at 200W. The Core i5-11600K retail chip ships with an all-core boost clock of 4.6 GHz and a single-core boost of 4.9 GHz which makes it a much better deal to get the chip off of Silicon Lottery instead of a retail outlet.

For a $10 US premium of $259.99 US, you get 4.9 GHz guaranteed clocks on all 6 cores & 5.0GHz for 2 cores with a voltage supply of 1.475V and power limits increased to 210W. The last SKU is the $339.99 US variant which is a $90 US premium you get an overclock of 5.0 GHz for all 6 cores and 5.1 GHz for 3 cores at 1.500V with power limits raised to 220W.

11th Gen Intel Core desktop processors (code-named "Rocket Lake-S") deliver increased performance and speeds. Intel launched the processors on March 16, 2021. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

In terms of binning statistics, all retail chips can reach the clock speeds of the $249.99 US variant while the top 81% can hit the speeds of the 4.9 GHz bin. The 5.0 GHz bin is very rare and can only be achieved by the top 17% of chips.

Intel 11th Gen Pre-Binned CPUs at Silicon Lottery

SKU NameCores / ThreadsBoost Clock (All-Core)Boost Clock (Remaining Cores)Power Limits (PL1 / PL2)VoltagesPricePre-Binning StatsAvailability Status
Intel Core i9-10900K @ 5.1 GHz8/165.1 GHz (8 Cores)5.2 GHz (4 Cores)290W/290W1.500V$879.99 US29% Retail ChipsAvailable (18/04/2021)
Intel Core i9-10900K @ 5.0 GHz8/165.0 GHz (8 Cores)5.1 GHz (4 Cores)265W/265W1.462V$689.99 US73% Retail ChipsAvailable (18/04/2021)
Intel Core i9-10900K @ 4.9 GHz8/164.9 GHz (8 Cores)5.0 GHz (4 Cores)240W/240W1.425V$619.99 US100% Retail ChipsAvailable (18/04/2021)
Intel Core i5-10600K @ 5.0 GHz6/125.0 GHz (6 Cores)5.1 GHz (2-Cores)220W/220W1.500V$339.99 US17% Retail ChipsAvailable (18/04/2021)
Intel Core i5-10600K @ 4.9 GHz6/124.9 GHz (6 Cores)5.0 GHz (2-Cores)210W/210W1.475V$259.99 US81% Retail ChipsAvailable (18/04/2021)
Intel Core i5-10600K @ 4.8 GHz6/124.8 GHz (6 Cores)4.2 GHz (2 Cores)200W/200W1.450V$249.99 US100% Retail ChipsAvailable (18/04/2021)

Silicon Lottery has done a good job at adjusting its prices for the bins compared to the 10th Gen Comet Lake parts. The Intel Core i5-11600K, especially, is quite the CPU for the price listed which puts it on par with its MSRP and offers higher out-of-the-box clock speeds.

Once again, the pre-binned CPUs are for users who want to be guaranteed overclocks and clock speeds on their unlocked parts as you can see that just a quarter of the chips can achieve overclock beyond 5.0 GHz. Regardless, a 100-200 MHz difference in clock speeds won't yield any major gains for the general audience but for enthusiasts, these chips are pure gold to play around with.