Intel Releases New Kaby Lake-G Graphics Driver After Months of Silence

Jason R. Wilson
Intel Releases New Kaby Lake-G Graphics Driver After Months of Silence

Earlier this month, Intel released a new graphics driver for its multi-die chip, which is codenamed Kaby Lake-G. Intel has had a history of lacking updates for drivers on a consistent basis for its Kaby Lake-G chips which offered a combination of AMD's Vega discrete GPUs alongside its Core CPUs.

Intel Finally Releases Its Latest Kaby Lake-G GPU Drivers In Several Months

This time, however, Intel recognizes the lack of consistency and guarantees "releases quarterly" per a Reddit post about the new KBL-G driver, as well as their promise to add quarterly updates.

The download adds new support, optimizations, and additional improvements, such as

  • Key Program supported
    • AMD Big Software 7.0
  • Big Software 7.0 and other general fixes and improvements to improve user experience
    with our Radeon Software.
  • Additional 21.10 feature improvements/additions delivered in this release
    • Microsoft PlayReady AV1 decode Support
    • RSX branding updates
  • Driver optimizations to support following game launches;
    • Metro Exodus – Enhanced Edition (DX12 – RT only)
    • Resident Evil Village (DX12)

The new update covers these five specific Intel products:

This update is labeled by Microsoft as version 27.20.21003.11000, and as AMD version Intel does warn that the driver and software for any Intel product you use may have changed or have been replaced completely by any manufacturer. They provide a list of computer manufacturer support websites. Also, if you are not sure you have the right drivers or software for your Intel components, you can install the "Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (previously called Intel Driver Update Utility), which now automatically checks for drivers on a regular basis and can provide notifications when new drivers are available."

Finally, if you have any games that you are using Intel components for, refer to the Intel Gaming website at You can find recommended settings for a large library of games for your Intel products.

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