Intel Open To Usability of Arc Gaming GPUs In Data Centers & Servers

Hassan Mujtaba
Intel Open To Usability of Arc Gaming GPUs In Data Centers & Servers 1

Intel seems to be open to the use of its Arc Gaming GPUs in data centers & servers as pointed out in a recent interview with ServerTheHome.

Intel Arc GPUs Will Have A Purpose Besides Gaming Within Data Centers & Servers

Intel's Arc branded GPUs are primarily designed for the gaming segment whereas the company will also be offering its FLEX branded GPUs aimed at the workstation segment. But despite their gaming first focus, Intel states that they are open to the use of Arc GPUs within Data Centers and servers as confirmed with ServerTheHome's, Patrick Kennedy.

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At the event, I also confirmed a key detail. Intel is not going to limit its desktop cards to desktops only. Unlike NVIDIA’s CUDA license, the company said it was not planning to prohibit their use in servers. That was a welcome announcement.

Intel via ServerTheHome

Interestingly, Intel isn't just open to the use of the Arc Gaming GPUs in the server and data center market but the company will be handing out licenses for that specific purpose with a more open & user-friendly model such as the one that AMD has right now rather than NVIDIA's. AMD is open in terms of the use of their Radeon GPUs within data centers and servers compared to NVIDIA who'll usually restrict GeForce & Titan class products. But at the same time, NVIDIA has their RTX graphics cards powering GeForce Now servers.

Considering that Intel is new to the discrete GPU segment, they will want every bit of market share and adoption that they can get. Whether that comes from Arc Gaming GPUs powering servers, data centers, or other applications, it will all be worth it to let users experience the first-generation Intel GPUs. Meanwhile, Intel also allows full blockchain support on their Arc GPUs and basically all other Alchemist chips too but whether you get great performance out of them or not is a whole different thing. Intel AXG has their dedicated blockchain ASIC that does the job much better as detailed here.

Intel's first Arc A770 & Arc A750 high-end gaming graphics cards are scheduled for launch on the 12th of October for $329 & 289 US starting prices, respectively. Expect more news in the coming week.

News Source: Videocardz

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