Intel & Microsoft Fix Majority of Games Affected By 12th Gen Alder Lake DRM Issue on Windows 11

Hassan Mujtaba
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A month later, Microsoft and Intel have fixed the DRM issues encountered on Windows 11 with 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs for the majority of games. Right now, there are only three games that are still affected by the issue which is still a huge improvement from the 51 titles that had issues running on Windows 11.

DRM Affected Titles on Windows 11 Fixed For Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPUs

The issue occurred when the DRM (Digital Rights Management) software in a range of games mistakenly identified the hybrid design on Intel's Alder Lake CPUs as two separate PCs. Intel's Alder Lake CPU lineup comes with two separate core architectures, the Performance Cores (P-Core) powered by Golden Cove architecture and Efficiency Cores (E-Core) powered by Gracemont architecture. DRM treats these two separate core packages as two different PCs whereas they are part of the same chip.

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Earlier this month, over 50 titles were affected by the DRM issue on Intel's Alder Lake CPUs & Windows 11 OS. Now, there are only three titles which include Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Fernbus Simulator, and Maden 22.

Name of games affected in Windows 11* and Windows 10
  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla*
  • Fernbus Simulator*
  • Madden 22*

Intel says that the remedy to the issue for these games is the scroll lock fix which can be done so by enabling Legacy Game Compatibility mode from the BIOS of your motherboard. When running the said games, you can press scroll lock to park the E-cores on Intel's Alder Lake Desktop CPUs to get rid of DRM issues.

Certain motherboard manufacturers such as MSI and Gigabyte have made this even easier through software tools with which you don't have to access the BIOS. All you need to do is select a button in the tool which works on both Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating systems and you will enable compatibility mode.

Intel Alder Lake Desktop CPU DRM Games Access Tool For Microsoft Windows 11

MSI released DRM access tool to offer an alternative way for improving the issue sighted previously from Intel, and brings gamers with a workaround toward the affected game titles.BIOS update is not a requirement for launching DRM access tool, which just simply to make sure E-core is not the bottleneck when running the game.

1. Before game launch, open the tool and press start
2. Launch the game and you should not encounter problems related to DRM

If you were encountering any DRM issues on Windows 11 with certain games, then it is advised you follow both methods depending on your motherboard (DRM Fix Tool & BIOS Feature).

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