Intel Meteor Lake Confirmed To Offer AV1 Encoding & Decoding Support

Jason R. Wilson
Intel Meteor Lake with new AV1 support. Image source: J. Wilson, Wccftech.

AV1 will provide the ability of larger resolutions and premier streaming output in a royalty-free video format that anyone can access. With AV1's 8-bit and 10-bit video formats, the company will receive up to fifty percent higher performance and efficiency than the current H.264 video format. In a recent update published by Intel developers, AV1 is confirmed to offer video encoding and decoding support to Meteor Lake.

Intel Meteor Lake, the successor to Raptor Lake, confirmed to offer complete AV1 video encoding and decoding support for mobile series

Intel Meteor Lake offers much flexibility, especially when discussing graphics and video. The company's new Xe-LPG graphics, which will replace the Xe-LP seen in the Tiger Lake series, open new doors in the streaming and gaming sectors. Readers might remember that the website Igor'sLAB revealed a leaked slide that raised awareness of the Meteor Lake processor and critical features available for the processor.

Intel Meteor Platform, Image source: Igor’sLAB via VideoCardz

Meteor Lake is the successor to Raptor Lake (to be revealed at CES 2023) and is built on a 7nm technology with built-in Xe-LPG embedded graphics. It will be compatible with Windows, Chrome, and Linux operating systems. The processor will offer 14 hybrid cores (6+8) with as many as 24MB of LLC/core. The on-chip Xe² Graphics architecture will provide up to 128 Execution Units. The media and display support revealed that it supports "low power AV1 encode, integrated HDMI 2.1, DP ports, enhanced dual low power eDP 1.4b." This information only covers the mobile side of the processor series, as a recent rumor by Twitter leaker OneRaichu mentions that an unknown nomenclature series, MTS-S, is slated to be the name for the desktop variant series, has been pulled from production and possibly canceled.

Intel Meteor Lake Video Decoding/Encoding Matrix. Intel source: Intel via VideoCardz

The new AV1 video encoder and decoder should give an additional boost to video streaming services. The hardware currently supporting the format is AMD's new RDNA 3 architecture, NVIDIA's Ada Lovelace, and Intel's Arc Alchemist series. It is anticipated that AV1 will make its way to the companies' desktop components.

Intel has provided a Media Features Summary for the new media driver, which offers AV1 encoding and decoding support. You can read the supporting lists on the company's GitHub for the project here.

News Sources: VideoCardz, GitHub

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