Intel Leak Confirms Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs In Q3 2023 – Sapphire Rapids Xeon-W2400, Xeon W-3400, Core i9-13900KS Specs & Platform Details

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A major Intel roadmap and slide deck have leaked out which confirms Raptor Lake, Sapphire Rapids Workstation CPU specs & platform details.

Intel Desktop & Workstation Roadmap Leaks Out: Raptor Lake Refresh In Q3 2023, Sapphire Rapids Workstation In 1H 2023

The leak covers three parts, first is the roadmap which includes both desktops and workstations. The second part is the specifications for various desktop and workstation SKUs and finally, we've got the chipset roadmap and platform details. Let's start with the first chip that beings Intel's 2023 desktop journey, the Core i9-13900KS.

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Intel Core i9-13900KS - The First 6 GHz CPU For Desktops

The Intel Core i9-13900KS will be the flagship Raptor Lake CPU, featuring 24 cores and 32 threads in an 8 P-Core and 16 E-Core configuration. The 13900KS CPU features a 'Thermal Velocity Boost' frequency of up to 6 GHz, making it the first chip to hit that frequency out of the box. The CPU features a 'Turbo Boost Max' frequency of up to 5.8 GHz while the P-Cores run at a standard turbo frequency of up to 5.4 GHz while the E-Cores run at up to 4.3 GHz.

  • Core i9-13900KS 8+16 (24/32) - 3.2 / 6.0 GHz - 66 MB Cache, 150W (PL1) / 253W (PL2)+
  • Core i9-12900KS 8+8 (16/24) - 3.4 / 5.5 GHz - 30 MB Cache, 125W (PL1) / 241W (PL2)

The CPU will be featuring 68 MB of combined cache and a 150W PL1 rating that goes up to 253W & even beyond that using the extreme power profile modes. The CPU is expected to cost around 799 USD when it hits retail in early 2023 but will be available in limited quantities.

Intel Core i9-13900KS will be the world's first 6 GHz CPU when it launches in early 2023. (Image Credits: Harukaze5719)

Intel Raptor Lake-S Refresh CPU Family - Hybrid Refresh For Q3 2023

Intel is also planning to refresh its Raptor Lake-S CPU lineup by the second half of 2023. The CPUs which will still use the 'Intel 7' process node will come with little optimizations such as faster clocks and such and will be compatible with the existing LGA 1700/1800 motherboards. The lineup will be including all consumer and entry-workstation platforms with 35W, 65W, and 125W SKUs. There are no details on the lineup yet but this more or less confirms that Meteor Lake CPUs have now been pushed to 2024.

Intel Desktop CPU Core Count Progression:

Family NameTotal CoresTotal ThreadsP-CoresE-CoresYear
Sandy Bridge48N/AN/A2011
Ivy Bridge48N/AN/A2012
Kaby Lake48N/AN/A2017
Coffee Lake612N/AN/A2017
Coffee Lake Refresh816N/AN/A2018
Comet Lake1020N/AN/A2020
Rocket Lake816N/AN/A2021
Alder Lake1624882021
Raptor Lake24328162022
Raptor Lake Refresh24328162023
Meteor Lake2228616~2024
Arrow Lake2432816~2024

Intel Desktop & Workstation CPU Family Roadmap (Image Credits: Harukaze5719):

Intel Desktop & Workstation PCH Family Roadmap (Image Credits: Harukaze5719):

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon Workstation CPUs: Xeon W-2400 & Xeon W-3400

As expected, the Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon Workstation lineup will range from Xeon W9, Xeon W7, Xeon W5, and Xeon W3 segments and will come in both Monolithic and MCM flavors. The lineup includes a total of 17 SKUs of which 8 are part of the Xeon W-2400 and 9 are part of the Xeon W-3400 family. Xeon W-3400 platform will feature TDPs of up to 350W while the Xeon W-2400 CPUs will feature TDPs of up to 225W.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W9 CPU Family

Starting with the Xeon W9 family, we have the top Sapphire Rapids-WS chip, the Xeon W9-3495X with 56 cores (105 MB L3 Cache) followed by the Xeon W9-3475X with 36 cores (82.5 MB L3 Cache).

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W7 CPU Family

The Xeon W7 family features five SKUs which include the Xeon W7-3465X (28 Core), W7-3455 (24 Core), W7-3445 (20 Core), W7-2495X (24 Core), and the W7-2475X (20 Core) variants. The Xeon W7 lineup starts to split the Sapphire Rapids-SP family into the Xeon W-3000 and Xeon W-2000 lines which we will get to in a bit.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W5 CPU Family

Next up, we have the Xeon W5 family which includes the most SKUs, totaling 8. These include the Xeon W5-3435X (16 Core), Xeon W5-3433 (16 Core), Xeon W5-3425 (12 Core), Xeon W5-3423 (12 Core), Xeon W5-2465X (16 Core), Xeon W5-2455X (12 Core), Xeon W5-2445 (10 Core) and the Xeon W5-2435 (8 Core) SKUs.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W3 CPU Family

Finally, we have the Xeon W3 lineup which is the most entry-level segment with just two Xeon W-2000 SKUs, the Xeon W3-2425 (6 Core) and the Xeon W3-2423 (6 Core). The Xeon W3-2423 is the only SKU in the lineup that won't feature hyper-threading support so that's 6 cores and 6 threads.


Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon Workstation CPU Lineup Specs:

CPU NameArchitectureProcess NodeCores / ThreadsBase ClockMax BoostL3 CacheMemory SupportMax PCIe Gen5 LanesTDP
Xeon W9-3495XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'56/1121.9 GHz4.8 GHz105 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5350W
Xeon W9-3475XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'36/722.2 GHz4.8 GHz82.5 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5300W
Xeon W7-3465XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'28/562.5 GHz4.8 GHz75.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5300W
Xeon W7-3455Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'24/482.5 GHz4.8 GHz67.5 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W7-3445Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'20/402.6 GHz4.8 GHz52.5 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W5-3435XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'16/322.1 GHz4.7GHz45.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W5-3433Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'16/322.0 GHz4.2 GHz45.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5220W
Xeon W5-3425Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'12/243.2 GHz4.6 GHz30.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W5-3423Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'12/242.1 GHz4.2 GHz30.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5220W
Xeon W7-2495XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'24/482.5 GHz4.8 GHz45.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5225W
Xeon W7-2475XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'20/402.6 GHz4.8 GHz37.5 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5225W
Xeon W5-2465XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'16/323.1 GHz4.7GHz33.7 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5200W
Xeon W5-2445XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'12/243.2 GHz4.6 GHz30.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5200W
Xeon W5-2445Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'10/203.1 GHz4.6 GHz26.2 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5175W
Xeon W5-2435Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'8/163.1 GHz4.5 GHz22.5 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5165W
Xeon W3-2425Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'6/123.0 GHz4.4 GHz15.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5130W
Xeon W3-2423Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'6/62.1 GHz4.2 GHz15.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5110W

Fishhawk Falls 'W790' Platform: Up To 112 PCIe Gen5 Lanes, 8-Channel DDR5, Unlocked Multiplier

Now coming to the most important bit and that's the platform. The Intel Fishhawk Falls platform will utilize the W790 chipset power motherboards and come in two flavors. The Xeon W3000 CPU lineup will feature an MCM design, supporting 8-channel DDR5 memory and 112 PCIe Gen 5 lanes while the Xeon W2000 CPU lineup will feature a Monolithic design with 4-channel DDR5 memory and 64 PCIe Gen 5 lanes. Furthermore, the 'X' parts will feature a fully-unlocked design and that confirms that HEDT users will have overclocking-ready motherboards to further tune their CPUs. The entire CPU lineup will utilize a MESH interconnect.


Besides the number of PCIe lanes, the Sapphire Rapids-112L and Sapphire Rapids-64L platforms are going to feature virtually the same I/O which includes:

  • 8 DMI Gen4 CPU-to-PCH connection
  • Up To 38 (Chipset) Lanes
  • Up To 5 USB 3 (20G) or 10 USB 3 (10G) or 10 Gen 1 (5G) Ports
  • Up To 16 PCIe 4.0 Lanes
  • Up To 12 PCIe 3.0 Lanes
  • Up To 8 SATA 3.0 Ports
  • Integrated WIFI 6E (Garfield Peak 2)
  • Discrete Intel WIFI 6W (Typhoon Peak 2)
  • Intel Ethernet Connection 1219-LM & I225-LM

Based on the information that we received last week, the Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon Workstation family will be introduced first in February followed by an official launch in April 2023.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 vs Intel Sapphire Rapids-X HEDT CPUs:

CPU FamilyIntel Sapphire Rapids-WSAMD Threadripper Pro 5000
Process Node10nm ESF7nm
Core ArchitectureGolden CoveZen 3
SocketLGA 4677LGA 4096
Max Cores / Threads56/11264/128
Max Cache (L3)105 MB224 MB
Memory SupportDDR5-4800 (8-Channel)DDR4-3200 (8-Channel)
Max PCIe Lanes112 PCIe Gen 5.0128 PCIe Gen 4.0
TDPUp To 350WUp To 280W
LaunchQ1 2023Q1 2022
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