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Intel Launches Haswell Core i7 and Core i5 Processors in April 2013


Digitimes reports that Intel would debut its 8-Series Lynx Point chipset and the first performance/mainstream Haswell processors during April 2013.

Earlier, In April this Year, Intel debuted its Ivy Bridge platform which marked the entry of first 22nm based microprocessors. Haswell which would also be based on a 22nm die would feature a complete SOC on chip design along with several IPC and IGP improvements.

Intel would also launch its 8-Series Lynx Point chipset which would consist of Z87 and H87 chipsets for the consumer market replacing the Z77 and H77 Panther Point. Socket for Haswell would be LGA1150 which means older generation Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge would not be compatible with the new motherboards.

We are also looking at some major price cuts to be announced by the end of Q4 2012 since that's when Intel begins mass production according to this leaked roadmap. While there are only a limited amount of benchmark results available at the moment, By Q4 we would be looking at some interesting results when Engineering Samples begin shipping.