Intel Launches Arc Control, An All-In-One Graphics Software Experience Suite For Gamers & Creators With No Login Requirement

Hassan Mujtaba
Intel Launches Arc Control, An All-In-One Graphics Software Experience Suite For Gamers & Creators With No-Login Requirement 1

In addition to its GPUs and respective products, Intel is also launching its Arc Control graphics software suite for gamers and creators.

Intel Arc Control Brings Forth A Modern Overlay Delivering Auto Driver Updates, Performance Tuning, Creator Studio Features & No Login Required

Intel doesn't want its Arc lineup to be just about the products but they also want to deliver the best experience within a vast gaming and creator community. As such, Intel is launching Arc Control, a full-on software suite based around the Arc graphics family. The Arc Control has a lot to offer and some features include:

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  • Game Drivers Updates
  • Performance Tuning
  • Creator Studio
  • Global Settings
  • Unified Software
  • Game Library

Think of Arc Control as Intel's answer to NVIDIA's GeForce Experience and AMD's Radeon Software suite. The application will feature a modern overlay that will be instantly accessible anytime with the press of the Alt+I buttons (this can be configured). One thing that Intel is investing a lot in is its driver support and Arc Control will be providing automatic driver updates (always up to date, or on-demand). The installation process for the drivers will also be fully integrated.

There will also be a performance tuning panel that will let you monitor real-time performance metrics, utilize a Telemetry overlay by pressing Alt+O (this can be configured) to show an in-app HUD, and even adjust performance settings such as power, fan speeds, clocks, etc (only available for desktop GPUs).

The Intel Arc Control Creator Studio will make streaming simplified by easily broadcasting your content to 3rd party platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, etc. There's also an 'Intel Virtual Camera' which will let users utilize AI camera features such as background blur, replacement, removal & auto-frame. Auto Game highlights will provide users with sharable highlight reels saved locally on the PC.

Finally, the whole suite will be available to all Intel Arc users and access to the application will not require any sort of login. This is definitely a huge deal for gamers who want simplified access to a graphics software suite without handing over their personal information.

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