Intel Haswell Mobile CPU Lineup Leaked, Core i7-4930MX To Lead the Pack

A day earlier, Intel Haswell desktop lineup was leaked which consisted of 14 new fourth generation processors. Today, VR-Zone (Chinese) has leaked the complete specifications of Intel Haswell Mobile lineup which consists of four M-Series Mobile processors.

Intel Haswell Mobile CPU Lineup

Intel Haswell Mobile processors just like their desktop parts are built on the 22nm fabrication process utilizing the 3D Tri-gate transistors technology. The mobile parts are shipped with the rPGA package and are compatible with the 8-Series Lynx Point-LP chipset for mobile parts.

Intel Core i7-4930MX

Leading the Intel Haswell Mobile CPU lineup is the fastest Core i7-4930MX featuring a multi-threaded quad core design pumping a base clock of 3.00 GHz all the way upto 3.70 GHz boost frequency. The CPU features 8 MB L3 Cache, 57W TDP design and supports DDR3 and DDR3-L memory rated at 1600 MHz. Additionally, the CPU has a fast HD 4600 IGP clocked at 400 MHz core and 1350 MHz memory.

Intel Core i7-4900MQ

The Intel Core i7-4900 MQ is also a quad core CPU with multi-threading enabled but comes with lower frequency of 2.80 GHz base and 3.60 GHz boost, featuring 8 MB L3 Cache, 47W TDP design and an Intel HD 4600 graphics chip on the die with 400 MHz core and 1300 MHz memory clock.

Intel Core i7-4800MQ

The Intel Core i7-4800 MQ has the same specifications as the 4900 MQ except that it runs 100 MHz slower at 2.70 GHz base and 3.50 GHz boost, featuring 6 MB L3 Cache and a 47W TDP design. IGP frequencies remain untouched and support for 1600 MHz DDR3/DDR3-L exists.

The Intel Haswell Mobile CPU lineup is expected to arrive in April 2013 along with the debut of desktop Haswell parts. Currently, Intel is planning to launch Ivy Bridge-Y series which are lower TDP parts built specifically for Tablets. In addition to the M-Series, Intel would also launch U and H series Haswell CPUs in third quarter of 2013, rounding off with the launch of low TDP Haswell-Y in either fourth quarter of 2013 or early 2014.

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