Intel Broadwell Gets Significant Graphic Enhancements over Haswell – 8th Generation Architecture with 2x MSAA Hardware Support


Broadwell's iGPU is getting some pretty significant upgrades over Haswell, and some of them could be game changing. We already revealed that Broadwell will feature a maximum of 48EUs which is more than Haswell and will have DX 11.1  and Opengl 4.2. However we have now received more details regarding the same and it looks like we are approaching a future where iGPUs are designed just for display, but for gaming as well.

Intel Broadwell Graphics Getting Upgrades over Haswell iGPU - 2x MSAA Now Supported at Hardware Level

Here is a small recap of what we already know: Broadwell will be the first 14nm Fab used by Intel. It will utilize HT and Turbo Boost 2.0. The instructions supported will be AES, AVX2 and TSX with the x86 instruction set (x86-64). The H processors will have 6mb of L3 Cache and some of the SKUs will have the GT3e graphics  with eDRAM (an extra cache memory). This will be implemented as a separate die on the chip itself.

Broadwell SoCThe Broadwell GPU itself will be based on the 8th Gen Architecture and will have 48 EUs which is 20% more than Haswell. They will support Dx 11.1, Open GL 4.2 and CL 1.2/2. It will also support the now dated Quick Sync and Clear Video technologies while adding new features such as SVC Hardware Accelerated Decoder and VP8 Hardware Decoder.

Now the new information we received states that GT2 chips will have 24 EUs while GT3e chips will have 48 EUs. Other improvements include increased GPU cache size, Better Hi-Z and tessellation,  increased pixel clock fill rate and the hardware support for 2x MultiSample Anti Aliasing.

The GPU now uses VP8 open source codec to perform full hardware acceleration of VP8 streams. The Scalable Video Codec (SVC) now has High Profile specification. The SVC High Profile removes some SVC baseline restrictions, and implements support for arbitrary video resolution and cropping. Additionally, Broadwell processors with GT3 graphics incorporate extra circuitry for faster Intel Quick Sync. Now H Series Processors wil have a max display of 4096x2304 @60Hz while U series will have resolution of 3840x2160. Y series will have the same resolution as U but be limited to one display.  Panel Self Refresh and Low Power Single Pipe features have been added while VGA and LVDS interfaces eliminated from on-chip GPU. Like Haswell processors, Broadwell parts support DirectX 11.1 and OpenCL 1.2 APIs. Intel is also going to add support for OpenCL 2.0 on some SKUs, and for OpenGL 4.2.

Intel Haswell GT2 Intel Haswell GT3 Intel Broadwell GT2 Intel Broadwell GT3
Codename Haswell GT2 Haswell GT3 Broadwell GT2 Broadwell GT3
Architecture 22nm Haswell 22nm Haswell 14nm Broadwell 14nm Broadwell
Series HD 4600 HD 5200 TBA TBA
Execution Units 20 40 24 48
Core Clock 200-1350 MHz 200-1300 MHz TBA TBA
Shader Clock 200-1350 MHz 200-1300 MHz TBA TBA
Memory Shared 128 MB eDRAM Shared? >128 MB eDRAM?
DirectX Support DirectX 11.1, Shader 5.0 DirectX 11.1, Shader 5.0 DirectX 12.0 DirectX 12.0
Features 4K Video, Quick Sync 4K Video, Quick Sync VP8 Codec, 2xMSAA Support, Improved Tessellation, Low CPU Overhead VP8 Codec, 2xMSAA Support, Improved Tessellation, Low CPU Overhead