Intel Broadwell Variants To Get Possible Name Changes – New Information Surfaces About Upcoming Relase

We have received some new information regarding Intel's upcoming NUC (Next Unit of Computing), the Intel Broadwell. Broadwell is a reduced die version of Haswell. The die size has been reduced to 14nm from 22nm on Broadwell. Intel Broadwell will also utilize HT and Turbo Boost 2.0. Intel Broadwell will also feature 48 EUs, which are 20% more than the current Haswell. Support will also be included for DX 11.1, Open-GL 4.2 and CL 1.2/2. Intel Broadwell is expected to hit the stores this holiday season, according to official word direct from Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich. BDW-Y, the Broadwell variant for mobile processors will hit the market first, followed by BDY-U, the ultrabook variant of the NUC. The BDW-H will be last to follow, with release schedule being somewhere around early 2015.

Intel Broadwell BDW-Y To Adopt New Nomenclature. Chinese Website Posts Image

We have received word from the Chinese version of VR-Zone that the mobile variant of Intel Broadwell, BDW-Y will adapt a new nomenclature. The website has posted an image showing details regarding the release of the mobile variant. On the image, it can be seen the processors named as Intel Core'X' processors, instead of the Corei'X' variant which is currently followed. Intel Boradwell-Y processor code has also seen some changes. Three new models will be released at the initial launch phase. These models are called 5Y10, 5Y10a and 5Y70. The 5 on these names can be understood to stand for '5th-generation' Intel Core processors, meanwhile 'Y' stands for the mobile variant of Intel Broadwell, the BDW-Y. The image also covers other important release details regarding the mobile variant of Broadwell. First of all, product introduction date is listed as September-October 2014, giving confirmation that Intel is finally moving ahead smoothly with Broadwell.

All advertisement, sales/shipments of the NUC are also tied to the September-October release date. Same is the case for all press demos and system seeding activities. Press releases are as usual subject to Intel guidelines and pre-introduction press activities, including those under embargo are subject to Intel's direct approval. Intel Broadwell is also to be explicitly mentioned as Future Intel CoreX processors before the product release. The use of BDW-Y for clarification is allowed however. System features, OEM system name and price ranges for future systems to utilize the BDW-Y plus any information released by Intel is also allowed for disclosure. Processor number, frequency and other details not made public by the manufacturer are not allowed. Coming towards currently known technical specs of the GT2 versions of Intel Broadwell, they are expected to have 28EUs, as compared to the higher end variants which will have 48EUs. BDW-Y will also feature 2 cores. TDP value for the Y-series is also a low 4.5W. For detailed information regarding Intel Broadwell's graphical enhancements over its predecessors, click on this.

Intel Skylake / Broadwell / Haswell Refresh Configuration Chart:

Haswell Refresh U (BGA) Haswell Refresh (LGA) Broadwell H (BGA) Braodwell Y (BGA) Broadwell U (BGA) Broadwell H (LGA) Sykake U  (BGA) Skylake H (BGA) Skylake S (LGA)
Cores 2 4 / 2 4 / 4 / 2 2 2 4 2 / 2 4 / 4 4 / 2 / 4
Graphics GT2 GT2 / GT2 GT2 / GT3e / GT3e GT2 GT3 GT3e GT2 / GT3e GT2 / GT4e GT2 / GT2 / GT4e


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