Integrated Facebook chat and Live messenger coming in Mango update

Source: WPCentral
  • One of the major features currently missing in Windows Phone 7 is the lack of any proper IM client. However if the Windows Phone Developer Podcast is to be believed then I think we're in luck with the upcoming 7.5 (Mango) update. According to the podcast Facebook chat and Live messenger will be built into the messaging app. You can see whoever is online and set your status accordingly in the peoples hub.
  • Another feature would be group messaging. This was sorely missed by some and it's a welcome update.
  • Your lockscreen will now display the album art on lock screen if you're playing a song.
  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Sky drive and office 365 support
  • Redesigned games hub with auto-sync option

The latest update for WP7 is shaping up to pretty massive and I can't wait to get my hands on when it comes this fall (fingers crossed).

Source: Windows Phone Dev

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