Guide to Install TWRP Recovery on AT&T HTC One

Rafia Shaikh

TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) is one of the best custom recoveries because of its various unique features. If you aim to expand the capabilities of your gorgeous HTC One then read this guide to get the custom recovery tool and enjoy the luxuries that it brings (including the voiding of warranty!).

If you’re rooted HTC One user then you can simply get to Google Play Store, download the GooManager app and let it do the job. But if you are still un-rooted then follow this very comprehensive guide below to learn how to install TWRP recovery on AT&T HTC One using fastboot.

Note: Ensure that your HTC One’s bootloader is unlocked (or head over to how to unlock bootloader guide). Also make sure that HTC One USB drivers are installed on your PC properly.

How to install TWRP Recovery on AT&T HTC One:

Required files: download Fastboot package on your PC and unzip the file into C driver. Download the TWRP Recovery for HTC One and copy it in to the same fastboot folder downloaded and unzipped in C drive.

  • Make sure that fastboot is unchecked in power options and turn your HTC One off and reboot in the HBoot: hold the volume down and power buttons until you enter in bootloader mode. Once in, use volume keys to highlight and power button to select the fastboot mode.
  • Connect your device to computer using a USB cable and open up the command prompt: start menu programs accessories. And issue this command: C:\fastboot to enter into fastboot folder.
  • Enter the command fastboot devices to get the serial number of your HTC One. If it doesn't show you the serial number then either your phone is not connected to PC properly or the USB drivers aren't properly installed hence recheck to confirm.
  • Now enter the following command to install recovery: fastboot flash recovery “name”.img.  Note: replace the “name” with file name of TWRP recovery tool downloaded earlier.
  • When the installation is completed, enter the command fastboot reboot to reboot your HTC One and disconnect your phone from PC.

Ta da! You have successfully installed the TWRP recovery on AT&T HTC One!

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