Install ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC One T-Mobile


The smart HTC One is easily becoming the phone of the quarter gaining much popularity among the Android community. With this sort of fame comes the load of custom roms, system tweaks and a total playground of assorted applications. ClockworkMod Recovery is one of the most famous recovery tool enabling you to root your HTC One and then install any of your favorite custom ROMs, MODs and much more.

Tasks like wiping data, taking Nandroid backups and more becomes easy with the use of CWM. Follow this guide to install ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC One T-Mobile to actually enter in the world of Android.

Note: this tutorial is only for HTC One powered by T-Mobile. For AT&T HTC One, check this guide or TWRP for AT&T HTC One.

How to install ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC One:

Required files: download Fastboot package on your computer and unzip the zip file into C driver. Download the CWM recovery tool for T-Mobile HTC One from here (touch - recommended) or here (Classic). Copy the .img file of CWM recovery in to the same fastboot folder downloaded and unzipped in C drive.

  • Open power options and uncheck fastboot.
  • Switch your HTC One off and reboot in the bootloader mode: hold the volume down and power keys until you enter in bootloader mode. Once in, use volume keys to highlight and power button to select the choices.
  • Connect your device to PC using a USB cable.
  • Open up the command prompt: start menu programs accessories and issue this command: C:\fastboot - to enter into fastboot folder.
  • Enter the following command to install recovery now: fastboot flash recovery “name”.img.  Note: replace the “name” with file name of ClockworkMod recovery tool downloaded earlier.
  • Once the installation is completed successfully, enter the command fastboot reboot to reboot your T-Mobile HTC One and disconnect your phone from PC.

Ta da! You have successfully installed ClockworkMod recovery tool on T-Mobile HTC One. Your smartphone is now all ready to unravel the world of custom ROMs, tweaks and updates!