Instagram For Android Will Now Let You Know Who Follows You

Zara Ali

It looks like Instagram is going to bring a feature on Android that will give the users an edge over iOS users (for some time, at least) and it will also be pretty helpful for those who care which friend follows them back. The feature dubbed "follows you" has surfaced in beta tests for Android app. However, for now, it seems pretty limited. Only a few users are seeing it currently.

The new "follows you" tag is visible on the user's bio page. If you're not able to see it, then the feature is just not available to you right now. The new feature is pretty similar to the one seen on Twitter. It is an easy way to find out who follows you without going to the long list of followers. You just have to open the profile of any user to know whether you're being followed by the user now. If they're following you then you will see "follow back" on their profile.

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It is a simple feature that should have debuted on Instagram sometime back, so better late than never. We wonder what took Instagram so long to add the feature. It has not been revealed yet when we can get to see the new feature as a regular feature on user profiles.

Well, maybe this is the right time to follow back your friends on Instagram in case you haven't been following them already. It may stir some drama if they find out you have not been a follower when they have been following you for some time.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the feature is only being tested for Android so iOS users just need to wait for some time or maybe more before they get the same ease to find out who follows them or not. Android users who have already got it, appear to be loving it. The best part is that it debuted on the platform in a few days after being teased.

What's your take on the "follows you" feature? Does it really matter for you to know if your friend or any other user follows you back? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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