Instagram Bringing Affiliate Program, Keyword Muting in DMs and More New Features


Instagram, started as a photosharing platform, has transformed into an entirely different social media that is being used all over the world. Even though Facebook owns it at this point, it still is inherently different from Facebook in terms of what it offers and works really well. After rolling out the feature that allows people to invite up to 3 friends to go live with, Instagram seems to be working on a host of new features, including an affiliate marketing program, an option to mute specific keyboards in direct messages, and more.

New Instagram Features Will Make The App a Lot Better for Content Creators

A renowned Android developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi recently shared screenshots that highlighted all the mentioned features. You can see in the attached tweet that shows how Instagram will be bringing an affiliate marketing program that will let influencers monetize their content on the platform.

Facebook Wants to Make it Easier for You to Find Your Groups

The new Affiliate setting will show up in the Creator section on the app, and users will be able to sign up for it by following a few simple steps. However, the affiliate marketing feature may not be readily available for everyone at launch.

In addition to that, Instagram is also working on a Content controls section that will allow users to mute certain words directly. This setting will be part of the Privacy section of the app, and users will have the option to add keywords that they wish to mute. Instagram will then block all direct messages that contain the said keywords but give users the option to choose whether they want to turn the feature on for everyone or specific accounts.

Paluzzi has also discovered another new feature called Brightness AI, which will show up in the post-editing option. We are not sure how this will work, but it seems that it will help people adjust the brightness of the picture or the video they are posting using AI. This seems like a neat effect, but we cannot be sure about how it will work.