Infinium Strike, a New Space Strategy/Action Game Warps to Open Beta


A new strategy game that's been in development by Codex Worlds, former developers from Ubisoft, has launched an open beta on Steam, letting the curious take the Freedom Strike through it's shakedown cruise.

The Infinium Strike open beta only requires the download of a demo to open up access.

Infinium Strike is a resource-based RTS that puts you in the role of the weapons officer of a battlecruiser that's made almost entirely out of a special material known as Infinium, the last hope for humanity in defeating their enemies, the Wrog, in their attempt to exterminate the entire existence of humans in deep space.

The design of the game revolves around the creation of liquid metal from defeating Wrog ships. That can then be used to upgrade and build new weapons for the Freedom Strike, the battlecruiser that may very well save humanity.

This open beta for this space-based strategy/action game includes both a tutorial as well as several campaign missions, and is available on Steam right here. The full game will release on Steam and The Humble Store in Q1 2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux.