Infinity Is A Modular Computer Designed To Teach And Entertain Children


If Project Ara did excite you then here is something that your children will absolutely adore to the core. Introducing Infinity; a modular laptop that is designed to deliver a learning process for adolescents. Let us take a look at each of its features.

Infinity Is A Modular Computer Designed To Teach And Entertain Children

Infinity Is A Project Present On The Crowdfunding Website Indiegogo – Here Are All Of Its Features

According to the details of the product, Infinity is a modular notebook that can be assembled by children. Given below are the highlights of the product, according to features listed.

  • It's robust, eco-friendly, modular and most importantly it's safe. Safe for kids, safe for wallets and safer for the environment.
  • A computer your child can build themselves, giving them true responsibility for their own computer
  • Save money with the power to upgrade or repair parts without throwing away the whole device
  • Each modular part is able to be opened, repaired and explored
  • Donate pre-loved parts to reduce e-waste and bridge the digital divide
  • Give children a head start by introducing them to essential technology at an early age

So how exactly did this project come to light? About 10 years ago, a non-profit organization called One Laptop per Child, or OLPC had decided to progress with a plan that would enable them to empower children by providing them with affordable laptops so they could seek infinite amounts of knowledge. They were able to do with a prototype called the innovative XO laptop. Now, they have branched out their expertise and thinking and have created the ultimate machine for children, which will also go easy on the wallets of their parents; as an investment, and in the future when upgrading components.

According to details, Infinity comprises up of the following modular components that can be attached or detached from the entire setup.

  • Core Module: Core modules contains the CPU, RAM, storage and Wi-Fi adapter
  • Camera Module: Slotting into the top, these modules provide an Infinity with the normal amount of cameras - one for the front and one for the rear.
  • Battery Module: These modules ensure that Infinity will have sufficient amounts of power and here is the interesting part; the battery attached to the modular notebook can also be used to as a standalone portable power bank.
  • Screen Module: The screen module is capable of Multitouch functionality.
  • Infinity Hub: Hubs not only connect all the other modules together, they contain all the bits and pieces you're unlikely to upgrade.
  • Keyboard Base: You will have a complete laptop experience including keyboard and trackpad.
  • The Cover: The cover provides a nice grip to be attached to the top of the notebook, which will allow children to carry it around with them wherever they go.

One of the perks of owning Infinity for the price of $249 is that reparability is going to be an absolute breeze, at least according to the company since the damaged module can be replaced with a new one, saving lots of money in the process. The Infinity Core Module is currently runs Android Lollipop, but the company is also making efforts in order to create fully functional Linux desktop.

What Has The Company Planned For The Future?

While these current machines are running Android Lollipop, with Linux support in tow, the company has laid out its plans for the future as well.

  • High performance, low power core modules
  • Windows 10 based core modules
  • High resolution camera modules
  • High strength screen modules with gorilla glass
  • Low cost classroom charging station
  • Alternative power source battery modules

If you want to learn more about the product, there is an educational video posted below. Tell us what you thought about the product. We want to know you think.