Is Microsoft Working On A Modular Surface Computer?


After unveiling its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book during the company’s grand announcement that took place in October 2015, the tech giant could be working on another, but different Surface computer. Care to weigh in on what Microsoft’s next plan could be?

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Microsoft Modular Surface Computer Could Feature Stackable Parts – Much like Project Ara

Google’s Project Ara concerns modular components that can be swapped at will in order to improve the specification of the mobile device, and thus improve performance regarding that particular component. Similarly, the Surface computer belonging to Microsoft is also based on the same approach and according to the patent details, will feature stackable and swappable components.


If you get a close look at the images, the modular components looks to be a part of an AIO, or ‘All in one’ PC. Looks like in addition to unveiling the successor of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, Microsoft could also release an ‘All in One’ in which consumers could actually swap components in order to improve the system’s overall performance. This will come in very handy because such computers are pre-built and are not upgradeable, which obviously forces the consumer to go through a cumbersome process of saving up the necessary amount of cash and spend it for a better performing system. The last time Microsoft showcased something modular was with its modular Xbox One Elite Controller.


Unfortunately, the tech giant is yet to comment on the matter, but since the patent was filed recently, we highly doubt that we will see a modular Surface computer this year. One thing that will find absolutely repulsive about Microsoft is not following a competitive pricing strategy, whereas its competitors, which are in the dozens and feature several products running the same software platform at lower prices, the company really needs to think things through. If a modular Surface computer does happen to be on the cards, and if Microsoft does not follow a decent pricing strategy, then the whole product is going to bite the dust, despite the fact that the approach for a different product was flawless.


We will have to wait for Microsoft to comment on the matter, but tell us your thoughts concerning the modular computer? Would you like to see one in the future? Tell us know your thoughts.