Infamous 2 extended gameplay trailer

Cole is back, everyone's favorite bike messenger / superhero has made his glorious return to the PlayStation 3 after his adventures in Empire City Cole has now landed in a new city with a new look and a stick which he needs to transmit electricity from =/, but as you can see from the below trailer Cole has new powers one of them being the Ionic Storm which literally rocks you like a hurricane. I for one hope to see the return of Zeeke, and I hope to see the return of the choices. The combat is more or less the same now and as you can see there are no new changes on XP earned for take downs and we see the return of the same old stunts.

Although the story looks more polished and the graphics look amazing. Although fighting "Swamp monsters" is a bit ... stupid? Infamous 2 is headed for a 2011 release and I for one can not wait to get my hands on this game.

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