Infamous 2: Behemoth trailer, Cole takes on giant aliens

Well this is something really new, in the last infamous we had to fight mutants but in this Cole is returning to kick some alien ass 😀

Infamous 2 looks like a hell of a sequel, the first one was definitely one of the best exclusives I have ever played on any platform but Infamous 2 has not only raised the stakes but it has over exceeded my expectations, with the return of Zeke and Cole this game will definitely be one of the finest reasons to be proud of owning a PlayStation 3 this year (along with Resistance 3). Although at first I wasn't comfortable with aliens in a game like Infamous I am starting to like the giant boss fights, Can't wait for this game :D.

I really love that they have thrown the power of Wind, Ice, Fire and Electricity although Cole is now a walking tank of death, unless they find a way to balance out how over powered he is now the game will be a breeze on even the hardest of difficulty unless you make it the next Demon's Soul.

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