How To Increase Your 16GB iPhone Storage To 128GB In Just $60


Apple’s primary revenue generation comes from its iPhone lineup, and as you move up on storage, the more you will have to pay, filling up the tech giant’s wallet in the process. However, there is one neat trick that you can employ in order to make your iPhone storage go from 16GB to 128GB, but there is a catch.

iPhone 6s again

Here’s How You Can Upgrade Your 16GB iPhone To 128GB

According to a video posted on YouTube, BeSound is teaming up with Beep to unveil the cheapest Apple iPhone storage space upgrade that is buzzing in Shenzhen, China. The posted who uploaded the video handed over his 16GB iPhone in order to see if the experts could truly upgrade it to 128GB. Turns out that they could, but they warned the owner beforehand that committing to this process would end up voiding the warranty of the smartphone, to which the owner was unnerved, since his phone was more than 12 months old.

The process involved tearing down the entire iPhone to the point where the assemblers could access the flash storage of the handset. When they gained access to the smartphone’s flash storage (which has been produced by SK Hynix), they replaced it with a 128GB flash storage chip belonging to Toshiba. However, that was not the end of that because the software restoring process still have to be initiated. After a grueling process, the memory was increased to 128GB (114GB is the storage that can actually be used by the smartphone owner).

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So why did the process take so darn long? This is because the serial number and other details had to match the same phone, and after the process had been completed, that is exactly what happened. When everything had been completed successfully, all it took was $60 and saved you a total of $140, which you would end up paying in order to jump to the highest storage upgrade (in some regions, you might have to pay more due to the exchange rate).

There is a video posted below so do look at that and tell us if you would opt to choose this way to increase your storage.

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