iMessage Is Not Working Again For The Second Time This Week


On 25th October, social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook were flooded with messages that iMessage is not working. That particular service downtime affected majority of the iMessage users around the globe. The issue was resolved within a couple of hours however Apple did not reveal the reason why there was a downtime in the first place.

Just now, some users have started complaining again that iMessage is down. This service outage does not seem to be as widespread as the last one, but it is alarming to see how Apple's messaging service is facing frequent breakdowns. This behavior isn't one befitting an Apple service.

Apple has already updated its official iCloud status page, which now states that some users are experience issues with iMessage. As mentioned before, the outage is not widespread as before. However it has been confirmed that users in multiple locations across multiple continents are complaining that their iMessage is not working.

As of now, iMessage is automatically routing all communication through text message. You are really out of luck if you happen to be in a place where the cellular network is down and iMessage is acting up in that location. Regardless of having WiFi connectivity, all communication made through iMessage in that very location will be routed through SMS, and if you're unable to text, you're definitely out of luck.

There is widespread speculation that the reason why iMessage is not working right now is due to Hurricane Sandy, which has caused a lot of destruction in the East Coast. Apple is yet to reveal the reason behind this second iMessage outage that has occurred in just one week. Though I am of the firm belief that Sandy has nothing to do with it.

Back in September, users had initially erupted in to complaints that iMessage is not working. That was probably the first time iMessage went down for a considerable amount of time in a variety of locations around the globe. Looks like Apple needs to get its iMessage affairs in order.