My iMessage Is Not Working – iOS Users Take To Twitter As Service Goes Down


If you happen to be online on Twitter right now, you will definitely see that "My iMessage Is Not Working" is trending right now. That is because moments ago Apple's messaging service went down. Apparently this issue is being faced by majority of iOS users. No official word has been received from Apple as yet. Cause of this downtime is unknown as of now as well.

This seems to be a widespread problem or else almost every other Twitter user would not be tweeting: My iMessage Is Not Working. Some users claim that they have been facing this issue for a couple of hours. As time passes, more and more users chime in with exactly the same complaint. It seems that the passage of time is not fixing this issue at all, rather the service is going out for more users and more locations around the globe.

iMessage has almost always been a reliable messaging service and up till now it has not gone down for such a long time. There never has been downtime so widespread. As mentioned before, Apple is yet to acknowledge this issue or reveal whether they are working on a fix. Surely the company has been appraised of this issue and they will definitely be working to fix it right away.

So if your iMessage is down as well, there's really nothing you can do to fix it on your down. Rebooting the device or smashing it against the wall will not help. Hopefully Apple will take care of it soon and will let us all know that iMessage is back up. Until then, fire up your Twitter app can tweet: "My iMessage Is Not Working". Come to think of it, there's really nothing else that you can do in this issue. Rest assured, it will be fixed soon.