The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City Guide, Complete With Gorgeous Pictures


The release date for The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City DLC is drawing near, and with that, Bethesda has released their guide to Imperial city, giving us insight into the finer points of where to go when visiting the glorious Imperial City. It's certainly changed since the last time we were here.

Gorgeous artwork rendered with the game engine show us the changes to Imperial City, and what to look out for.

The entire Imperial City is being re-rendered in its entirety. All six districts will be playable once more, rendered in a more dark light due to the events that preceded our current predicament. Unfortunately, due to the Daedra invasion, the entire city is nearly in ruins, with most districts now still under siege.

In their guide they've detailed some of the more prominent points of interest that you'll likely enjoy. Listed below are some of those details that surround those areas that you'll likely be more apt to explore.


  1. The Memorial District
    1. There's a lot to see in the Memorial District—this is where you can enter the Imperial City Prison dungeon (to the very north.) You'll also find the Bone Shard Trophy Vault and Memorial Armory crafting hub. And if you smell something a little putrid along the way, Volghass the Flesh Atronach might be making its rounds nearby.
  2. The Arena District
    1. In the Arena District, you can fight enemy-alliance players and Xivkyn forces, enter the Ethereal Trophy Vault, and step foot into the Imperial Arena. Inside the arena, a challenging test of might awaits—battle against bosses and try to defeat the Ringmaster for a special reward. As you're exploring the Arena District, keep a watchful eye out for the roaming Immolator Charr (Ogrim!)
  3. The Arboretum District
    1. Lady Malygda (Spider Daedra), a roaming boss, patrols the Arboretum District's streets. Be aware of your surroundings, lest she get the jump on you. You'll also find the Clawed Trophy Vault and Arboretum Armory crafting hub in this district.
  4. The Temple District
    1. While exploring the Temple District, keep an eye out for the Monstrous Tooth Trophy Vault and roaming boss Glorgoloch the Destroyer (Flesh Atronach.)
  5. The Nobles District
    1. The Nobles District is home to the Legionary Trophy Vault and Nobles Armory crafting hub. A word of warning, especially if you travel alone—be on your guard always in the Nobles District. The swift and silent Baron Thirsk (Grievous Twilight) is always on the hunt for his next mortal victim.
  6. The Elven Gardens
    1. As you explore the Elven Gardens, look for the Planar Armor Trophy Vault. You may also run into Zoal the Ever-Wakeful (Watcher), the district's roaming boss.


  1. The Imperial City Prison
    1. Located in the north-most area of the Memorial District, the Imperial City Prison is one of the Imperial City's two small-group dungeons. You can enter the prison via the Memorial District, or by queueing for the dungeon in the Group Finder while anywhere in Tamriel. Team up with three friends and choose to take on either Normal mode or Veteran mode—the latter yields Veteran Rank 16 rewards!
  2. The White-Gold Tower
    1. Located in the center of the Imperial City and visible from miles away in all directions, the White-Gold Tower is one of the two small-group dungeons in the Imperial City. Enter it in the Sewers near your alliance's base, or by queueing via the Group Finder while anywhere in Tamriel. Team up with three friends and choose to take on either Normal mode or Veteran mode—the latter yields Veteran Rank 16 rewards!

Other Areas

  1. The Imperial Sewers
    1. The sewers have always served as a haven for beasts and bandits, but now Molag Bal has taken over. Feared Daedric lieutenants patrol the halls, looking for victims and secrets tucked away beneath the White-Gold Tower.
  2. Aldmeri Dominion Base
    1. The Aldmeri Dominion base is beneath the Arboretum and Temple Districts, on the east side of the Imperial Sewers.
  3. Daggerfall Covenant Base
    1. The Daggerfall Covenant base is directly below the Elven Gardens and Noble Districts, on the west side of the Imperial Sewers.
  4. Ebonheart Pact Base
    1. The Ebonheart Pact base is directly below the Arena and Memorial Districts, on the north side of the Imperial Sewers.

Imperial City is coming to the PC/Mac on August 31st, September 15th for the Xbox One and September 16th for PS4.