Upcoming iMac Pro to Feature Upgraded M1 Max Chipset With 12 CPU Cores Instead of 10

Omar Sohail
Upcoming iMac Pro to Feature Upgraded M1 Max Chipset With 12 CPU Cores Instead of 10

The M1 Pro and M1 Max caught everyone's attention by delivering astonishingly fast performance while touting impressive power efficiency. Running in the 2021 MacBook Pro range, Apple would need to create a balance between long battery life and up the ante when necessary, but that also meant leaving some performance on the table, if not all. With something like the iMac Pro that requires a wired connection all the time, you can give it all the performance it needs. According to one tipster, Apple intends to do exactly that by giving it an upgraded M1 Max, one that features a 12-core CPU.

Apple Could Use 10 Performance Cores for the iMac Pro, With the Rest Focused on Power-Efficiency

Where the M1 Max was limited to a 10-core CPU for the 2021 MacBook Pro family, Dylan comments on Twitter that Apple will move beyond this chipset and include a 12-core CPU configuration for the iMac Pro. He claims that this information was tied to a code snippet referencing the iMac Pro and according to rumors, its internal naming is the same since it is a product targeted towards professionals.

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The 10-core CPU was divided into eight performance cores and two power-efficiency ones. Since the iMac Pro is going to be plugged in all the time, its 12-core CPU configuration will likely feature 10 performance cores and two power-efficiency ones. Of course, there will be lower-tier options for those who do not want the extra performance, nor want to pay the increased pricing for the top-end variant, but for those that do, the choice will be there.

It is unclear how Apple will manage to pull this off? Did the company purposely disable two performance cores on the M1 Max die? Does it plan on adding another die to accommodate the extra cores? A ton of questions require answering, and we are confident we will find out a few months from now. As for its unveiling, the iMac Pro is said to be showcased in June 2022, with it and the Mac Pro completing the Apple Silicon transition.

For the actual release, it can happen in Q4, 2022, with other goodies awaiting thrilled customers such as a large 27-inch mini-LED screen with ProMotion support and more. Are you looking forward to seeing how those extra two cores help the iMac Pro perform? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Dylan

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