Igors Lab: No, NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs Are Not Launching In March

We have been covering leaks and rumors about Ampere GPUs pretty much non-stop for the past few weeks so it's only fair we cover a dissenting voice as well. The venerable Igor of Igor's Lab (a very reliable source I might add) has stated that he does not expect NVIDIA to launch/announce Ampere GPUs in March at GTC 2020 and instead expects the standard August/September launch window. Igor has many contacts in the industry and the reason he lists for this refutation is that he has heard nothing to indicate a March launch.

Igor: No, NVIDIA's Ampere GPUs are not launching in March, will probably come by August/September

Igor's predictions have been usually spot on - which is why I am not sure how I feel about this considering all of us have been waiting for Ampere for a very long time. Before we go any further, however, here is a translation of the relevant portion of the original article in German (Google's translating idiosyncrasies and all):

Whoever hopes for Ampere as a big, real existing bomb could be disappointed. Much more than an announcement, AI and Deep Learning and Data Center will probably not come. If you ask around which colleague has been invited to the buffet, then certain people are missing, who are not usually absent at launch parties. Travel plans and holiday planning in companies and editorial offices are also often a nice indicator for upcoming events. Whoever remembers back - shortly before Turing, Volta was the big outfit as an intermediate step together with the tensor cores and more than just a placeholder, it was a nice training device.

At the end of July there will be the Siggraph 2020 in Washington DC and certainly also the presentation of the new Quadro cards, so like last time Workstation and Creation first? You can assume that, if you take the travel plans of many acquaintances into account. It was similar with Turing and I had the pleasure to get a real frostbite in form of a bad cold during the presentation in row one. Hot appearances are always accompanied by extremely low temperature stages. At least when the protagonist is wearing a leather jacket.

And what is there until then? Big Navi as a spectre for Jensen's sleepless nights? What many hope for could materialize this summer at Computex in Taipei. But so far, Nvidia's informants have always been in such a good mood that the green chip lab has been able to relax and adjust to the current threat situation. In case of emergency, an interim solution in the form of the RTX 2080 Ti Super could be set up, which could counteract with significantly more memory bandwidth through a higher clock rate. In my article "Why the performance increase of Nvidias Ampere could be quite enormous - the board partners must already now into the practice phase" I had already considered such a, quite possible scenario more or less.

What Igor is essentially saying is that important people who are usually invited to such a huge launch haven't been invited and travel calendars haven't been filled in. This likely means that the event at GTC 2020 is not going to be as big as we hoped - which lessens the likelihood of an Ampere launch significantly. Igor posits that Ampere will actually launch around Siggraph and Gamescom - the usual dates for a next-generation GPU launch from NVIDIA.

Personally, I have always trusted anything Igor says considering the esteemed colleague's history and reliability. Igor is singlehandedly contradicting all the rumors we have heard so far so I would certainly suggest taking the March 2020 launch date with a grain of salt (like we always do). If NVIDIA is indeed planning to launch Ampere at GTC 2020 we should get confirmation in the coming weeks (or VCZ will leak something). Till then, we can just keep our fingers crossed.

When do you think Ampere is coming?
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