Hydra 1.2 AMD Ryzen Overclocking & Tuning Utility Ready For Zen 4 CPUs, Now Features ‘RX-TUNER’ For GPU Tuning Too

Yuri Bubliy aka 1usmus, has given a first look at the upcoming Hydra 1.2 AMD Ryzen tuning and overclocking utility which adds support for Zen 4 CPUs & also allows GPU tuning as an additional component to the suite.

Hydra 1.2 To Feature AMD Zen 4 Tuning & Overclocking Capabilities Along With RX-Tuner Radeon GPU Tuning Support

Announced back in July 2021, the Hydra Tuning utility for AMD Ryzen CPUs was designed as a successor to the CTR (Clock Tuner For Ryzen), offering a new interface and a simpler way to tune and optimize Ryzen CPUs. Since its release, the utility has received several updates and currently offers:

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  • Automatically find Curve Optimizer (CO) values
  • Combine PBO + CO and manual OC
  • Modify or create your own Voltage/Frequency curve
  • Change CO in real-time and observe which cores are the bottleneck
  • Create your own "boost", which consists of dynamic profiles
  • Evaluate the quality of the sample and find the ideal voltages
  • Perform undervolting

Now Yuri has announced that he's already working on the next big update to the project in the form of Hydra 1.2 which will add various components to the overclocking and tuning suite. These include:

  • Complete redesign of all features.
  • New Curve Optimizer diagnostics (and for Zen 4).
  • More flexibility for AMD PBO2 and HYBRID OC.
  • Automatic problem solving (assistant).
  • Auto GPU tuning.
  • Unlimited GPU profiling.
  • Powerful new monitoring.
  • More safety.

So it looks like the main features inside Hydra 1.2 will be a complete overhaul of the design and features. The new feature set includes a new curve optimizer diagnostics for existing & upcoming Zen 4 CPUs from AMD that will be featured in the Ryzen 7000 'Raphael' family, increased flexibility for AMD PBO2 and Hybrid OC, an automatic problem-solving assistant, a more robust monitoring system, additional safety features and more importantly, a new GPU tuning feature known as 'RX-Tuner'.

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Based on the name, RX-Tuner is specifically centered around AMD's Radeon RX GPUs and will allow automatic GPU tuning capabilities with unlimited GPU profiling. Yuri states that Radeon GPUs have a significant performance or efficiency margin and he plans on showcasing the first results of these optimizations in the coming weeks. The utility will not only feature support for existing RDNA GPUs but also the upcoming RDNA 3 GPUs.

So it looks like Hydra 1.2 is on the path to becoming the one-stop overclocking and tuning solution for AMD Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU owners. We can't wait to see the latest version of Hydra in action!

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