The Hunter: Primal, a Dinosaur Hunting Game is Now Available


The makers of the Just Cause franchise, Avalanche Studios, have just released the full and final version of of their action packed dinosaur hunting game The Hunter: Primal on Steam. And with the release comes some new goodies, like eye-tracking and a great 20% discount for early adopters.

Avalanche Studios has just released the final build for The Hunter: Primal on Steam. Now you can hunt dinosaurs from the comfort of your own home.

Who doesn't dream of the day when you can go back in time and hunt the very creatures that roamed the Earth so many millions of years ago? Just imagine the awesome challenge that could present. Well, you're in luck, you can now use the time machine that is Steam and head on over to a planet full of those large beasties in The Hunter: Primal. This is perhaps the ultimate, and the best, representation of the survival genre of games. It actually looks like fun.

You'll have a huge 24kmworld in which to explore and truly test your survival skills against something you'll never have the chance to in real life (not yet anyway). You're a criminal that's sent to a planet called Primal Eden to tame the wilderness. If you're successful then your name is cleared and you may live a long and prosperous life. Take your chances against five different dinosaurs at the moment, trying to outsmart and outwit them with only the supplies that are dropped for you, also battling a new dynamic weather system that can really ruin your day.

There should be some supplies in your drop pod to get you started. In order to survive, you will need to explore the world in search of more powerful weapons, clothing and ammo. Sounds easy? Well, not only is the island littered with poisonous plants, but deadly dinosaurs roam the island looking to feast on the weak.

Thus far The Hunter: Primal has 1,149 mostly positive reviews that also span its time in the Early Access program. You can have it for $24.99 up until April 7th when it returns to its normal $30. If you have a SteelSeries Sentry you'll be able to track where exactly you look on the screen to help you become a better hunter.