Huawei States It Had No Communication With Apple About Supplying 5G Modems

Huawei no communication Apple 5G modems

As you might have heard from our earlier reported rumor regarding Huawei wanting to supply 5G modems to Apple, only this time, an update has been received. It appears that the Chinese giant did not plan an arrangement with the iPhone maker regarding the provision of 5G modems, which only means that Apple’s plans of releasing a 5G iPhone lineup have become bleaker than before.

At the Huawei Analyst Summit, the Company Buried All Rumors Partnering With Apple for 5G Modem Supplies

At present, Huawei makes the Balong 5000 5G modem, a crucial component that is expected to be embedded with the company’s Kirin 985, which is reported to power the company’s upcoming Mate 30 series. The Balong 5000 5G modem can also be integrated into a mobile phone separately, something Apple always does with its iPhones, though it also depends on how the device is designed in the first place. Sure enough, Huawei appeared to be a potential partner to solidify Apple’s chances of releasing its 5G iPhone series as earlier as possible, but those chances may have been vaporized thanks to the latest update.

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Huawei apparently claims it had no communication with Apple regarding a deal for 5G modems. Previously, Apple depended on Qualcomm and Intel for their 4G modems, but amidst the legal spat with Qualcomm, the latter has refused to be of any help to Apple. As for Intel, rumors suggest Apple is displeased with the chip maker’s progress on 5G modems, even though Intel has announced its XMM 8160 chip for 2020. Some analysts still believe Qualcomm and Apple will patch things up to once more revive their business relationship to new heights, but for the time being, that’s not going to happen.

While MediaTek was also in-line to get orders from Apple, it looks like MediaTek cannot provide the ‘quality’ the technology giant is seeking. One could begin whispering in the air and suggest Samsung because after all, the Korean manufacturer provides Apple with high-quality OLED screens. Unfortunately, that plan might not materialize either as whatever volume of its Exynos 5100 5G modems have been produced, they appear to be reserved for the Galaxy S10 5G variant and the upcoming Note 10 range.

The only possible alternative left at this stage is Huawei and as we’ve seen, the Chinese OEM possesses the resources of manufacturing both quantity and quality; two benchmarks Apple is looking for in a supplier. Also, just because Huawei states it never communicated with Apple doesn’t mean there’s a chance the two might sit down in the future. They might have their rivalries, but forming a thriving business relationship is more than possible. For one thing, obtaining a client as big as Apple is a lucrative opportunity for Huawei, and for Apple, the company doesn’t want to be late to the 5G party as the majority of its competitors have started producing devices with 5G compatibility.

If there’s a business alliance potentially forming in the near future, we look forward to updating our readers on it, so stay tuned.

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