Huawei Wins In Hungary 5G Rollout In Another Snub To US

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The trade war between the US and China has resulted in telecommunications company Huawei being caught in the crosshairs. Huawei has taken the lead globally in 5G network equipment manufacturing, and as a result, the company has made serious inroads inside Europe's networks. This has caused the US government to pressurize its European partners to follow the lead in restricting Huawei's equipment due to security and data sharing concerns. However, Europe isn't listening, and today we've got news for Hungary's 5G rollout plans. Take a look below for more details.

Hungary Finds No Security Backdoors Inside Huawei's 5G Equipment - Company Will Collaborate With Deutsche Telekom & Vodafone For Rollout

Despite the US' objections, Huawei has made significant inroads into Europe with 5G. Several European countries have let their carriers partner up with the company due to fears of not losing the lead in 5G coverage. After all, China's top three state telecoms rolled out 5G last week, and now Hungary has cleared Huawei for selling 5G equipment inside the country.

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In an emailed foreign ministry statement, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has stated that his country will allow Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone to collaborate with Huawei on rolling out 5G through the latter's networking equipment. Deutsche operates in Hungary through a company called Magyar Telekom.

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Magyar is testing equipment from several companies including Huawei's Hungarian arm, but the carrier has not entered into a contract with the Chinese company for supplying 5G equipment, stated a Magyar spokesperson. Washington has two primary concerns against its European partners using Huawei's equipment. The first of these relates to backdoors which the US government believes will compromise its communications inside the country in peacetime and in war.

The second is an overreliance on Huawei's equipment that would put US' European allies at a disadvantage in case of a potential war with China. The US believes that due to Chinese law mandating companies to cooperate with the government whenever required, Huawei could simply shut down its 5G equipment inside countries that are at war with China or allied with belligerent nations against the Asian superpower. So far, Europe believes that American concerns are inflated, with Hungary believing that no backdoors are present inside Huawei's equipment. Germany, on the other hand, might be changing its earlier stance.

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