Huawei Becomes Center of Controversy Again – Caught Passing off DSLR Images as Camera Samples From Its Nova 3 Handset


Huawei has been at the helm of controversy, with the last time the company being involved in ‘less than favourable’ marketing practices was when they were caught asking for fake reviews in return for giving away their Mate 10 Pro units. The company is involved in a different controversy this time, where it has been revealed that Huawei was attempting to pass off DSLR images as camera samples belonging to its newly released smartphone, the Nova 3.

Sarah Elshamy, the female protagonist of a recent Huawei Nova 3 ad, revealed a bit too much when she shared some ‘behind the scene’ photographs on her Instagram account. The pictures, that have been taken down, since have revealed that the Nova 3 ad was blatantly dishonest.

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The 30-second ad shows a man who wants to take a selfie with her significant other, but she is a little apprehensive about it since she has no makeup on. That’s where the AI feature of the Nova 3 steps in to save the day to make it look like she is wearing makeup and thus, ends up looking flawless. However, the ‘behind the scene’ pictures shared by the actress have revealed that not only is she already wearing makeup, but his co-actor is actually not holding the Nova 3. His hands are just stretched out to make it look like he is holding a camera while a professional photographer with a DSLR camera snaps an image.

Even though Huawei never claimed that the ad was shot on the Nova 3, the target audience was led to believe so anyway and the situation is surely going to be embarrassing for the company as large as the Chinese firm.

However, this is not the first time that the company has been accused of running a misleading market campaign and it appears as if the manufacturer has learned nothing from its past mistakes. According to some statistics, Huawei is the second-largest smartphone maker in the phone and you would expect a little more credibility from such a firm.

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On second thoughts, we could give the Chinese smartphone maker the benefit of doubt as the ad production company it hired might be responsible for the debacle. Who do you think might have been responsible for this controversy? Tell us down in the comments right away.

News Source: Reddit