Huawei Confirms It Is Not Going to Be Selling Smartphones in U.S. Via Carriers

Huawei Confirms It Is Not Going to Be Selling Smartphones in U.S. Via Carriers

Just yesterday, we received word that the agreement between Huawei and AT&T was annulled at the last moment, but we still shared this slim level of hope that because both companies had not officially given their statements, it is possible that the rumor turns out to be false. Unfortunately, Huawei has come forward and in its own words, confirms that it will not be selling carrier-branded phones in the U.S.

Huawei Has Yet to Confirm if It Is Going to Find a Carrier Partner Other Than AT&T - Will Continue to Sell Unlocked Phones for Now

The Mate 10 Pro was expected to be sold in the U.S. through AT&T, but the company has provided the following statement, where it is confirmed that the Chinese giant is not going to be selling devices in the country for now.

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“We remain committed in this market now and in the future. U.S. customers need a better choice, and as a leader in technology and innovation, Huawei is prepared to fill this need.”

While this is an official announcement, there have been no reasons provided why AT&T pulled out of the agreement at the 11th hour. It is possible that we get to know more about this in the coming weeks, but if you wanted to pick up a smartphone from the company’s lineup, you will only be able to find them through online retailers or on its official U.S.-based store.

Despite not being a popular smartphone company in the United States, Huawei’s reach in other countries is massive and has allowed it to gain the number three spot in the global smartphone market share.

Currently, it is trailing behind Samsung and Apple and for those that do not know, penetrating the U.S. by selling through carriers was a golden opportunity that did not seem to take form for the tech firm. This is because the U.S. has the biggest market in terms of revenue generated.

Who knows, perhaps there are better days that will eventually shine good fortune for Huawei when it comes to entering this market, so stay tuned for more details regarding this.

News Source: Reuters

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