HTC 11 Rumored to Come Next Year With a Curved Screen Just Like Galaxy S7 Edge

HTC 11 curved screen rumor

The latest rumor suggests that the upcoming HTC 11, which will be announced in 2017 will feature a curved edge screen, thus making the device look similar to the likes of Galaxy S7 edge.

HTC 11 Could Definitely Feature a Snapdragon 830, and a Phablet-Sized Form Factor

The rumor comes out of China and states that HTC 11 is going to take one note out of Samsung’s book by incorporating a curved screen on the display. It is not been detailed if the smartphone will have a dual-curved edge display, or just a single one, but we’ll leave that for further news to pour in before giving into speculations. The smartphone itself is said to sport a QHD panel, though it has not been detailed what sort of underlying technology will be running.

With majority of manufacturers shifting towards OLED panels, HTC continues to place Super LCD5 displays, and the announcement of HTC 11 could mean that the manufacturer makes a transition to these newer and efficient panels. The advantages of using OLED panels for smartphones is that they produce more vibrant colors, and their brightness makes the content of the mobile device much easier to view outdoors without having to increase the brightness level to its maximum level.

OLED panels also allow manufacturers to reduce the thickness of its products, allowing HTC to follow that approach as well, even though this compromises the battery capacity. However, the rumor also states that HTC 11 will have a 5.5-inch screen size, and that phablet size’s natural benefits alone could mean that the Taiwanese phone manufacturer could incorporate a larger cell underneath its upcoming flagship.

The number of megapixels has been said to remain the same; 12MP for the rear and 8MP for the front. There are no details of a dual-camera setup, which is disappointing to see since, but you never know what the future might hold for us, so stay tuned for more details. One advantage of owning a high-end HTC phone is that the company promises you software updates just two weeks after they have been released for the Pixel lineup, making them only the second Android handsets around the globe to tout such a feature.

Are you excited for the HTC 11 to sport a curved edge screen? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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