HP OMEN Now Being Offered at a $700 Discount on Amazon – Deal Is Going to Last Just for Today


Discounts on gaming notebooks do not come with attractive discounts but the deal that you’re about to read about is for the HP OMEN and you’ll definitely be surprised to hear how much the machine is going for now.

HP OMEN Features a 17.3-Inch Display, Quad-Core Chip and Is Only Retailing for $799 at This Current Time

The 17.3-inch display resonates an FHD resolution (1920 x 1080) which is great and not overkill like some 4K touting gaming notebooks out there. The highlight of the notebook is definitely its processor and the level of upgradability you can get out of this machine. The i7 6700HQ processor runs at a base clock speed of 2.60GHz and there’s 12GB of RAM, which is sufficient for running today’s games. Since it will set you back by $799, the HP OMEN features a GTX 965M graphics chip that sports 4GB of video memory.

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Another thing you should be told about regarding the gaming laptop is that it is ‘Certified Refurbished’. What this means is that the product has been tested and certified by either the manufacturer or third-party refurbisher to work just like new and has limited to no sign of wear and tear. You will be getting all the relevant accessories that are shipped with the HP OMEN, along with a 90-day warranty period. If you’re still skeptical about purchasing the gaming machine, here’s is why you should reconsider.

The HP OMEN features a 1TB solid state hybrid drive in the 2.5-inch form factor, but here’s the good news. Both the RAM and 2.5-inch drive can be upgraded, and there’s also a slot for you to place your PCIe M.2 drive for faster read and write speeds to result in a generally faster and more responsive gaming system. The GTX 965M is definitely slower than the machines getting outfitted with the likes of GTX 1060 and higher, but for its price tag and convenience of upgradability, you definitely cannot go wrong with this.

The price of the HP OMEN is $799.99 and keep in mind that the deal is going to be ending today. At the time of writing, the deal will end in 21 hours.