HP Mini PC rumored to offer Quad-core AMD Athlon 4150GW processor

Jason R. Wilson
HP Mini PC rumored to offer Quad-core AMD Athlon 415G processor

Reddit user, steinfg , posted to the AMD Subreddit about an HP Mini PC that is being offered in the near future. The HP Mini PC surprisingly offers a quad-core AMD Athlon CPU with a total of eight threads.

Is that an AMD Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE CPU with four cores and eight threads appearing in an unreleased HP Mini PC?

It has been confirmed by a leaked specs sheet on the HP ProDesk 405 G8 Desktop Mini PC that it is planning on utilizing the AMD Athlon Gold processor family for its 47M79EA model. The particular series of Athlon processors were the silently released entry-level Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE processor, featuring a Zen 2 core architecture, that was first seen several weeks ago in Asian Pacific Markets. The processor features four cores, but what is confusing is picture shows that it has eight threads when previously reported it was to offer only four threads. It is speculated that the eight threads are an error in the listing.

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Source: u/steinfg on Reddit.

The new HP Mini PC featuring the AMD Athlon family also presents with a 3.3 GHz base clock—with a maximum of 3.7 GHz boost clock speeds—and 4 MB of L3 cache. The chipset is an AMD PRO 565 with integrated AMD Radeon Graphics, and 8 GB of DDR4-3200 MHz memory.

The AMD Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE onboard HP's newest Mini PC is reported to have a TDP of 35W, whereas the 4150G variants have a higher TDP of 50-65W. The newest entry-level CPU is expected to offer 3rd Gen VEGA GPU cores and more compute units, or CUs, having a total of 5 CUs. This is equivalent to 320 cores located on the APU, operating at 1500MHz. The previous 3150GE offered 3 compute units running at 1100 MHz. Outside of the DDR4 support, it is stated to also offer support for the AM4 socket architecture.

It is also speculated that the AMD Athlon Gold 4150GE will only be available via OEM systems. However, several weeks ago, online retailer Ali Express was shown to be selling the chipset for $118.29 USD, and due to the high cost was assumed to be sold by a third party.

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