HP and Dell support Microsoft on the Word Patent fiasco

Uzair Sajid

Things are getting more and more interesting in the Microsoft-i4i Technologies patent dispute case - you know the one in which Microsoft was recently banned from selling any Office product that could handle XML files; like Word. Microsoft had appealed against the ruling last week claiming that the injunction would bring irreparable damage to their businesses, and to their partners' - like HP and DELL.

Microsoft appeal was based on the fact that redesigning and redistributing the software would take millions and the fund would never be recovered, meaning a permanent damage to one of their most profiting divisions. And it won't just stop their, Microsoft's retail partners like HP, DELL, Best Buy, Walmart etc would also suffer losses because they won't be able to sell the versions they already have in stock and replacement could take time.

Foreseeing the future, DELL and HP have sent an amicus curiae briefing to the Texas state judge responsible for the injunction. They claim that the injunction would have implications far beyond Microsoft, and requested the judge to delay the injunction by 120 days. They say that "Making such a change would require extensive time- and resource- consuming testing", something not very economical in desperate times like these.

Its interesting to note here that neither Microsoft or its partners claimed that the injunction was unjustified meaning that they accept infringing on i4i Tech's patents.

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