HP Is Attempting to Sway You Away From Surface Studio With Its Own AIO Discount


Microsoft’s Surface Studio has ended up being quite a popular product, to the extent that even the highest spec’d out model has gone out of stock. HP will be looking to capitalize on the situation and has thus introduced a discount on its own Pavilion AIO machine. In terms of hardware, it is slightly better than what Surface Studio offers, but there are more than a few sacrifices made along the way.

HP Pavilion Being Offered at a $150 Discount - Doesn’t Feature a Movable Hinge But Does Have Touchscreen Capabilities

Surface Studio allows you to turn your AIO into a large screen tablet thanks to a hinge design, and adding touchscreen capabilities to its 4.5K resolution is also another perk to have, even though creative professionals will actually find a use for it rather than regular users. Additionally, its $2,999 price tag is far more what the average consumer can fathom, which is why HP is giving you a much cheaper solution, although there are a few tradeoffs with the HP Pavilion AIO.

Though it features an i7 processor coupled with 16GB of RAM, the 27-inch display is only limited to a resolution of 1080p while providing support for a touchscreen. It does, however, feature a 1TB hybrid solid state drive, with the only drawback is that while you’re getting ample storage from the machine, only 8GB of that total capacity comprises up of NAND flash memory. The company has also been forced to make a huge sacrifice in graphics performance. Where the Surface Studio’s base model was shipped out with an NVIDIA GTX 965M, you get a GTX 930A graphics processor in return.

However, HP is still bundling a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, so freebies are always a welcome addition to an AIO. Unfortunately, with the Surface Studio, you will still have to purchase peripherals, but chances are that you already own them. There are a total of 4 USB ports, and one headphone plus mic combo, which is all you pretty much need at the end of the day. For its tradeoffs, the HP Pavilion AIO is actually affordable, retailing for $1,099 after the discount that the company has placed on it.

Do you feel that this machine or Microsoft’s Surface Studio is the better purchase? Tell us your thoughts right away.