Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, Scene 7: How to Solve the Books and Music Box Puzzles with Leysha


During Scene 7 of Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong, Leysha goes to the Red Salon, Richard Dunham’s blood bar, hoping to find him and talk about her identity. However, this mission features two of the most challenging puzzles of the game, and they must be solved to complete the level. Let’s see how to do that.

To find the books and the music box puzzles, you need to access the basement of the Red Salon with a staff access card. Alternatively, if adequately leveled up, you can also use your Technology skills, but it will cost you some Willpower. The staff access card can be easily found on the bar counter, so there is no need to use your abilities.

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Once you access the basement as Leysha, you need to turn right and go through a white hallway. You will find a room with a big bookcase at the end of this hallway. Just move towards it, and you will immediately see five Freud books you can interact with.

Freud Books Puzzle

To solve the first puzzle of this room, Leysha needs to pull the books by following a particular order: V (5), III (3), IV (4). After that, the bookcase will move and reveal a second, more difficult puzzle.

If you are wondering where you can find this puzzle’s solution, you need to go to the other room and look at the files stored in the computer. You will see Dr. Dunham’s notes on The Interpretation of Dreams books, where he points out that he prefers reading them starting from Volume 5, followed by Volume 3 and 4.

Music Box Puzzle

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The second puzzle features a music box and four swans that need to be turned correctly to activate the machinery. Each swan must watch in the following direction, from left to right: west, south-west, south, south-east. After confirming it, the music box will start playing a melody, and the door will finally open.

The first hint to solve this puzzle can also be found in Richard’s notes on the computer on the second page. Here, he suggests that the origin myth of Oedipus will show you the way. But what does it mean? If you head back to the other room, the one with the infamous bookcase, you will see four big paintings on the walls featuring Oedipus.

You need to observe each one of them carefully. The numbers under the paintings relate to the swans, while Oedipus pointing in a specific direction in each artwork will show Leysha how to move those tiny animals. This puzzle can be trickier than the previous one because it’s not always easy to understand where he is precisely pointing.

Once the puzzle is solved, you'll get access to the final section of Scene 7. Ensure you have completed anything you may have pending in the Red Salon, as you will not be able to return upstairs.

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