How to Unlike a Post (Photo or Video) On Instagram

Uzair Ghani
How to unlike photo or video post on Instagram

Here's how you can unlike a post on Instagram whether it's a photo or a video using your iPhone, Android phone or the web.

Learn to Unlike a Post on Instagram Using Your iPhone, Android Phone or the Web in a Few Simple Steps

If you're reading this, there is a high chance that you use Instagram on a daily basis. For most people, it's the center-point of their lives, and for good reason, too. And during the course of usage, we end up liking hundreds of posts - photos and video both - on a weekly or monthly basis. Some of us hit that wild number on a daily basis too. Not judging or anything.

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But, what if you liked something by accident? You double tapped on the display, the heart appears and the post is now liked by you. You didn't want that to happen, and yet it did. So, how do you unlike a post on Instagram? Double tapping again doesn't help at all. It just re-likes the post on Instagram rather than removing the like. You're in sheer panic and decide to deactivate your account instead. Just don't go that far; you can actually unlike a post on Instagram and here's how it works:

Rather than double tapping on the post again in an attempt to 'unlike' it, simply tap or click on the heart shaped icon right under the post itself once, as shown in the screenshot below:

The same steps apply to all platforms, including iPhone, Android and the web. Just follow these steps and you have yourself an unliked post on Instagram.

It's strange how double tapping on the post does not unlike it at all. It simply shows the 'like' animation and that's it. Do it a million times and it will keep on happening. It's almost like Instagram doesn't want you to unlike posts and instead make you work for it.

Whatever plan Instagram has, you now know how to undo a like if it was initiated by an accident. If you found this super helpful it's best to share your newly learned tip with people around you too. But, start off by quizzing them on how to unlike a post in the first place. You'd be surprised how many people actually don't know about this, because it's extremely rare we take back a like for any reason at all.

We will be back with more Instagram tutorials in the future, so stay tuned!

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