Transfer Files Wirelessly to and From a Windows 10 PC Using a Galaxy Smartphone

Furqan Shahid
Transfer Files Wirelessly

The idea of transferring files wirelessly is a breeze, especially if you have a whole lot of devices in your eco-system and they are connected together. Now, when it comes to the actual process of just how you can transfer files wirelessly, there are 3rd party solutions that allow you to do that with ease. However, if you own a Galaxy smartphone, especially the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Z Flip, you can now do it for free, provided you or on a Windows 10 PC.

The feature comes through Your Phone Companion app, but at the time of writing, it is only available to the Windows Insider community. The cross-platform copy/paste feature was already available with texts and images, and now Microsoft is allowing you to do the same with files, as well.

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As you may have guessed it, you are going to need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or a tablet that is running Link to Windows v1.5 or higher. There are some more conditions, for starters, at the time of writing, you can only send files and not folders. Additionally, files up to a 100MB can be transferred in one go, and no single file should be larger than 512MB.

Connect Your Smartphone to Your Computer and Transfer Files Wirelessly

As previously stated, you have to be a member of the Windows Insider community in order to use this feature. We are mentioning the steps you need to follow below.

Transferring from My Files App

The first one is going to include using the My Files app, follow the steps below and you will be sorted.

  1. Open the Phone screen in Your Phone app, and head over to any folder in My Filles app.
  2. Proceed by long pressing on the file you want to copy until you see a checkmark appear and then release the button.
  3. Now long press again on the file that you have selected using the mouse, once you see a thumbnail, drag the file to the preferred location onto your PC.

Transferring from the Gallery App

  1. Start by opening the Phone screen in the Your Phone app on your PC and then go to Albums.
  2. Once there, select an album, then long-press the photo until you see a checkmark appear and then release the button.
  3. Use the mouse to long-press on the photos until you see a thumbnail, then simply drag the photo onto your PC.

Transferring from Your PC to Your Phone

  1. Open the Phone screen in the Your Phone app. Now select the file that you want to transfer using your mouse, and simply drag it over to the Your Phone app window.
  2. Once the cursor starts saying "Copy", let go off the mouse button and the transfer will start.


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