Steelrising Guide – Five Tips on Getting Started


Steelrising is a new action RPG developed by Spiders, out today on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S. The game is set in France during the XVII century and follows the journey of Aegis, an extremely sophisticated automat assigned to be the Queen’s bodyguard by Louis XVI.

The game features many interesting soulslike mechanics, with a great range of weapons, numerous power-ups, and challenging enemies that might look overwhelming for some players. To help you become familiar with the gameplay, we have gathered five valuable tips on getting started with Steelrising.

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Choose Your Starting Class Wisely

The starting class you choose when you first start the game won’t give you any real advantage during the later stages but will be extremely helpful during your first hours in Steelrising. The choice will enhance some of your statistics, and you will also receive a weapon and a specific consumable. You can choose between four different classes:

  • Bodyguard: you will start with a heavy weapon. Durability and Engineering stats increased.
  • Soldier: you will start with a heavy weapon. Power and Vigour stats increased.
  • Dancer: you will start with a light weapon. Agility and Vigour stats increased.
  • Alchemist: you will start with a light weapon. Elemental Alchemy and Engineering stats increased.

As you progress through the game, you can power up all the different statistics and have the chance to buy other weapons. But, depending on your preferred playstyle, you get an initial boost to deal with enemies using the items of your choice.

Be Aware of the Overheating

As for many other soulslike games, most of the actions performed by Aegis consume Endurance. The amount of Endurance you have at your disposal is displayed within the green bar in the lower-left corner of the screen. Light and heavy attacks require a certain amount of Endurance, as well as jumping, dodging, and sprinting. When Aegis runs out of Endurance, her gears overheat, and she can’t perform any of these actions until the green bar is replenished. Every move must be carefully planned, especially during combat, or death will follow shortly. However, when you get overheated in Steelrising, you can trigger Raping cooling, which will instantly restore some Endurance, but keep in mind this will inflict a certain amount of Frost Damage. And if you use it too soon, you will prologue the overheating.

Damaged Hedges Can Hide Consumables

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As you progress in the game, you will sometimes notice that some hedges are damaged, and you can pass through them. Keep an eye open to spot these elements, as they frequently hide consumables and other interesting loot behind them. And be aware of enemies, as well. You can also find loot in raised locations, so make sure you also look above your head.

Take Advantage of the Enemies’ Cooldown

In Steelrising, you will face many different enemies, each one equipped with unique abilities and moveset. Fights can be challenging, especially against Titans. Still, you will have a great chance of attacking them if you follow their moves closely and wait for them to rest after executing their most potent attacks. Their cooldown won’t last long but will give you enough time to use your abilities wisely. You will find it helpful, especially during the game's first hours, as you might not have yet mastered the parry technique or do not equip a weapon that has the counterattack ability.

Make Sure You Don’t Run Out of Alchemical Capsules

Many weapons in the game, such as the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket, require Alchemical Capsules to be used. You will notice that pretty early in the game, and you can use that to your advantage to inflict Flame, Frost, or Fulmination Damage to your enemies, depending on the weapon you have equipped. Each time you fire a shot with one of these weapons, you will consume one or more Alchemical Capsules, and you can run out of them pretty quickly in the first hours of the game if you don’t pay enough attention. Fortunately, you get new ones almost every time you kill Automats, and you can also buy them from the Vestal if you need to. To prevent that, use them wisely and against more challenging enemies, as the easier ones can be beaten quite fast.

Once familiar enough with the game’s mechanics, you will have an easier time during your adventure with Aegis. Stay tuned for more Steelrising coming soon!

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