How to Set Up Separate Profiles on Google Chrome for Work and Home on Windows 10 Computers


We have been hearing about keeping our work and personal lives separate for so long. It is pretty good advice and not always because of the reasons we usually associate with this advice. For example, when you use your browser and look up songs and movies to watch, do you want this to be seen in your work search history? Obviously, no. You can easily set up a work and home profile to prevent this, so your search histories don’t get muddled up. This tutorial will show you how to set up separate profiles on Google Chrome for work and home on your Windows 10 computers.

Separate Profiles on Google Chrome

The first thing that you should ensure is to check whether your Google Chrome is up to date or not.

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  1.  Go to your chrome browser.
  2.  Click on the three vertical dots on the top-right corner.
  3.  Hover your cursor on Help.
  4.  If your chrome needs updating, you will see an Update Chrome option. Click on it to update Chrome. [If your chrome is up to date, the options will look like the image below]
Separate Profiles on Google Chrome

Set Up Separate Chrome Profiles

If you are already using Google Chrome, you will most probably already be signed in to your Google account. [If you are not, sign in first]

Step-1: Open Google Chrome browser.

Step-2: Click on your profile picture icon on the top right of the window.

Separate Profiles on Google Chrome
Step-3: Click on the cog icon next to Other profiles.

Separate Profiles on Google Chrome
Step-4: Click on the plus sign in the Add box.

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Add new
Step-5: Name this profile. You can even select a theme color for this profile and add a profile picture. If you want to have a desktop shortcut check the box, otherwise uncheck it.

Separate Profiles on Google Chrome
Step-6: Click Done.

Step-7: Select Get Started.

Step-8: Next, you can add Bookmarks and set a background.

Step-9: If you want to sync and make sure that you get your passwords on other devices you use, click Continue. Otherwise, choose No thanks.

Separate Profiles on Google Chrome
Step-10: If you wish to sign in to the other profile, use the desktop icon set up. Or you click on the profile icon of your browser and select your other profile.

Set Up Guest Profile

You can also set up a guest profile for people who wish to use your computer. This is useful, especially if you want to use someone’s computer but don’t want them to look at your search history. You don’t necessarily have to use the incognito mode. Just use the Guest profile.

1. Click on your profile icon in the browser.
2. Under Other profiles, click on Guest.
Guest Profile
3. You will be directed to a browser for Guest users.

Guest Profile


Delete Profile

If you don’t want to use a profile, you can choose to delete it as well.

Step-1: Click on the profile icon at the top of the browser window.

Step-2: Click on the cog to Other profiles.

Step-3: Click on the three vertical dots of the profile you want to delete.

Delete Chrome Profile
Step-4: Click Delete.

Separate Chrome Profile
Step-5: You will be asked if you wish to delete the profile and the subsequent data. Click Delete.

Delete Chrome Profile
[When I tried to delete the profile, there were some issues that I faced. When I clicked on the Delete button in Step-5, my chrome closed on its own. When I opened Chrome again, the profile was still there. I did the process again, and the same issue happened. I did this 4-5 times. After that, I restarted my computer, did the process again. The delete function turned my browser off but did not delete the profile. I sent feedback to Google about this issue. After that, I tried again, and this time I was able to successfully delete the profile successfully.]

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