Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Beat Magma Almudron

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Magma Almudron

Magma Almudron is a new subspecies of the standard Almudron, introduced for the first time in Sunbreak. It is a hostile monster that uses magma instead of mud to attack hunters and other creatures that invade its territory. This beast uses its tail to damage any enemy and can give you a hard time in combat if you’re not well equipped against it. However, once you defeat or capture this monster, you will get good rewards to craft new weapons and armor.

Let’s see how to win the fight against Magma Almudron in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, its main weaknesses, unique characteristics, and tips for the battle.

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Magma Almudron: Characteristics

Magma Almudron is a Leviathan with a threat level of 7 stars out of 10. It manipulates magma and deals fire damage. It also relies on a magma rock that it picks up with its tail, and it can be used to harm any enemy nearby. The size of the stone may vary: a bigger one means more strong attacks. If you aim at the tail, the rock can break, and the explosion will damage you.

This monster can also generate a liquid that melts the soil, so it can freely move underground. Magma Almudron can be found in the Lava Caverns and attacks both beasts and hunters that invade its territory.

Magma Almudron: Weaknesses

Magma Almudron’s head is the weakest part of its body, followed by the tail tip. You should focus on hitting them to deal the most damage, but bear in mind that the rock on its tail could explode and hurt you. The monster is immune to Fire and resistant to Thunder, while it is weak to Water and Ice. Make sure you equip yourself either with a Water or Ice weapon before starting the mission so that you can deal the most damage to this beast.

As it mainly deals Fire damage, you should use appropriate armor to have more chances to survive the fight without fainting. When you first fight against Magma Almudron, try to keep a certain distance and track its movements to learn its patterns and timings. Moreover, when it goes underground before performing an attack, it re-emerges with red limbs. Focus on them while attacking because they will be much weaker and exposed, but only for a short time.

How to Beat Magma Almudron

Despite its colossal size, the monster is quite fast and lands powerful combos that can significantly damage you. Occasionally, you will find yourself surrounded by big lava rocks that explode after some time, greatly harming you if you are near them. Always keep a safe distance when you see them spawning in the arena. Moreover, when Magma Almudron attacks with its tail, it also generates streams of lava most of the time. Evade them by rolling sideways or using your Wirebugs instead of just running back because that is the only way to avoid damage.

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Magma Almudron also inflicts Fireblight; if you don’t cure it fast enough, you will inevitably faint. You can do that either by rolling three times or just once in the water. Alternatively, you can also eat a Nulberry. Try to keep track of its tail movements to predict the next attacks, as it mainly uses this part of its body to damage its enemies. You can also mount any large monster nearby to damage your target significantly, better if with a Ruby Wirebug equipped.

Once you have defeated or captured this monster, you will get great drops to improve your equipment by crafting new armor and weapons.

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