Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Beat Garangolm

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Garangolm is a brand-new monster introduced in MH Rise: Sunbreak and one of the Three Lords you will encounter during your playthrough. It is not an easy beast to deal with, as it deals massive damage with its fists, and it also likes to leap in the air and slam into the ground, using its weight to hurt any enemy nearby. Moreover, Garangolm can infuse its hands with magma and moss, resulting in high-powered elemental attacks.

Let’s see how to beat Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, its weaknesses, and tips for winning the fight.

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Garangolm: Characteristics

Garangolm is a Fanged Beast, just like the Blood Orange Bishaten. Its appearance resembles a giant gorilla protected by a solid shell that guards the monster against most attacks. This beast can be found both in the Citadel and the Flooded Forest. It can reinforce its left and right arm by “covering them in elements,” as the Hunter’s Notes says, so its attacks may inflict both Fireblight and Waterblight status effects.

Garangolm: Weaknesses

The monster is weak to Blast, Fireblight, and Thunderblight. If you want to come prepared for the battle, you should bring a Thunder weapon. Garangolm’s weakest point is the head, but you can also aim at its arms and tail to deal a fair amount of damage to the monster. Its torso and hind legs, while frequently exposed, are quite resistant to attacks, so you should not focus on them at all. Make sure to also equip yourself with armor featuring a high resistance to Water or Fire attacks (if it has both, that’s even better).

How to Beat Garangolm

This Fanged Beast relies heavily on its hands to deal massive damage with highly effective punches. As it gets angrier, it will become more powerful, and its right arm will glow red while the left will drip water off the moss. Target and hit them until they break, as it will eventually topple the monster. Try to attack Garangolm from the sides, so you can dodge its assaults more easily.

Despite its huge size, this monster is quite agile and will attempt to grab and smash you by swinging its arms in your direction. You won’t have much time to dodge it, so try to maintain a safe distance and study its moves first. Garangolm can also lift a massive stone from the ground and throw it at you, but this time you will have more time to see it coming and avoid it. The Fanged Beast deals impressive elemental damage when enraged, so prepare to dodge a lot. When dealing with Garangolm, using Wirebugs at the right time can save you from fainting many times.

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If you find any monsters nearby, make sure you manage to ride them and aim both light and strong attacks at your target. This will speed up the battle a little bit, and if you find any Ruby Wirebug, that’s even better because it will increase the damage caused by the Mounter Punisher move. Once beaten or captured, you will eventually get some interesting materials from Garangolm to craft new armor and weapons.

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