Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Beat Gore Magala

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gore Magala

Gore Magala is a returning beast from Monster Hunter 4. This monster is fast and aggressive; many hunters fear it because it carries the unique yet powerful Frenzy virus. Gore Magala also uses its long wings to enhance its senses and land strong attacks. However, once you defeat or capture it, you will get significant drops to improve your equipment further.

Let’s see how to beat Gore Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, its weaknesses, unique characteristics, and tips for winning the fight.

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Gore Magala: Characteristics

Gore Magala is an unknown type of monster with a threat level of 7 stars out of 10. It can be found in the Shrine Ruins, the Flooded Forest, the Citadel, and the Jungle. It does not have any visual receptor, so it heavily relies on its senses to move and attack. When its senses reach their peak, the beast becomes frenzied and can inflict you with the Frenzy virus.

You will notice that the beast has entered the frenzied status because it will expose its horns on the head. Be as careful as possible, as it will also deal more damage and become more aggressive. You need to repeatedly hit its head to stop it and bring it back to its normal status. Be aware that if you want to obtain unique drops from its horns, you need to focus on breaking them while the monster is frenzied, as you won’t be able to do that when Gore Magala is quieter.

Gore Magala: Weaknesses

Gore Magala is weak to Fire, followed by Thunder. If you want a higher chance of winning the fight, equip yourself with a weapon that either deals Fire or Blast damage. Slashing weapons are the preferred option for this battle, as they will deal more damage to each part of its body, followed by blunt ones. Avoid, if possible, projectile weapons for this battle, as they are not as effective as the others against Gore Magala.

Make sure you focus on hitting the monster’s head while fighting and don’t forget about the horns when the beast is in its frenzied status. Its forelegs are also quite vulnerable to attacks and are easy to reach.

How to Beat Gore Magala

You need to pay close attention to Gore Magala’s attacks when the monster is frenzied. Otherwise, you will get infected by the Frenzy virus and lose all your natural healing abilities, meaning that you won’t be able to heal yourself without the aid of a healing item and will also get more damage from the beast. Once you get caught, you will see a new gauge next to your name, which will fill over time.

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You can prolong the incubation period by eating a Nulberry and overcome the Frenzy virus by attacking the monster as much as possible. This way, you will get a temporary affinity boost and become immune to the infection for a short time, usually some minutes.

The monster also uses its tail quite often to attack you, and you can evade it by rolling sideways. However, this attack is quite fast, so make sure you move as quickly as possible to prevent it from hitting you. You will also see many purple projectiles coming from its mouth: they are the ones that deal with the infamous Frenzy virus. You will probably get hit by them, but you can try using your Wirebugs to avoid them.

You should try to mount any monsters nearby and attack Gore Magala with the Mounted Punisher so that you can deal massive damage to the beast. This fight against Gore Magala will reward you with great drops once you beat or defeat it, and you will be able to use them for new armor and weapons.

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