How to Update MagSafe Battery Pack Firmware Using iPhone, iPad or Mac

Uzair Ghani
Update Apple MagSafe Battery Pack firmware update using iPhone, iPad and Mac

Today we will show you how you can update the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack firmware using iPhone, iPad and Mac.

You Can Force the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack onto the Latest Firmware, Takes Ages Using the iPhone Alone

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is tailor made for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Needless to say that it’s a wonderful hardware and software marvel that ensures optimal charging at all times and even hold charge at a safe percentage so that your battery health doesn’t take a hit.

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In order to make sure that everything keeps on running nicely, Apple delivers firmware updates to the MagSafe Battery Pack as well. Sounds unbelievable? But, it’s true. The way these firmware updates work is pretty interesting as well.

See, unlike iOS or iPadOS updates, firmware updates for the Battery Pack are delivered silently. That doesn’t mean they are not there. If you get a brand new Battery Pack and you want to force it onto the latest firmware update, here’s what you need to do.

Check MagSafe Battery Pack Firmware

This step is fairly simple. Just connect the Battery Pack to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, navigate to Settings > General > About > MagSafe Battery Pack. Simply check the firmware version from here.

Update MagSafe Battery Pack Using iPhone

This one is pretty straightforward. Just leave your Battery Pack connected to your iPhone and it will update to the latest firmware on its own. It can take up to a week, which is long time, no doubt.

Update MagSafe Battery Pack Using iPad or Mac

This is the method that will get you excited. Simply connect the MagSafe Battery Pack to your iPad or Mac using a Lightning cable and make sure you leave it plugged in for about 5 minutes. The firmware will be installed during this time. In one of my testing, I noticed that it may take up to 15 minutes. It’s best to keep your iPad and Mac awake, connected to Wi-Fi with the screen on, fully unlocked while doing it. This ensures that everything happens as quickly as possible.

The reason why you want to make sure you have the latest firmware installed is simple: improved performance. For example, it was only yesterday Apple pushed out a new firmware update for the Battery Pack which pushed charging speeds from a mere 5W to 7.5W when charging wirelessly. While 2.5W does not sound like much, but it can shave away a lot of minutes from the usual charging time.

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