How to Unsend a Message on Instagram for All Recipients

If you have ever sent an Instagram message to someone by mistake, or sent it with a type and wish you could undo it, you are in luck. Instagram supports an 'unsend message' feature in messages, which deleted the message for you and the recipient. Here is how you can use it.

For now, unsend message feature works in the iOS and Android versions of the Instagram app, as well as Threads app, which is also available on the same platforms. It does not work in the Instagram mobile web app, even though it also supports messaging.

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Unsend Messages on Instagram

The 'unsend message' feature in Instagram Direct is a bit invisible if you don't know where look for it. Here is how you can use it:

  1. Open the Instagram conversation from which you want to delete the message.
  2. Long press on the message until the following options appear: 'Copy' and' Unsend'.
  3. Tap on Unsend and you will be shown a confirmation dialogue box, which notifies you that the message will be removed for all recipients. Unsend message will work even if you multiple recipients in the conversation. Tap 'Unsend' to confirm.Unsend Instagram Messages

That is it. The message will be removed for all people in the conversation. This applies to all sorts of messages: text, emoji, photos or videos. If the recipients had not already seen the message, they will not know what was sent. Instagram notifies that that a message was unsent, but it does not show what was the message or who was the sender. Of course, if you unsend an old message in the conversation, the recipients will know that you deleted a message because the conversation would look odd.

There is no time limit or an expiration time for un-sending a message. It can be a year old and you can still delete it for you and the recipients. Unlike WhatsApp, Instagram does not leave any trace for which message was unsent. A message, once deleted, cannot be undeleted either. So keep these things in mind before you unsend an Instagram message.

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